I would like to warn everyone who has not been to the Town Office recently that there have been some changes. We have a newly paved parking lot. The paving company will be putting a tar handicapped accessible ramp at the back door, hopefully soon. Currently there isn’t anything there and Jill and I ask that if you have a handicap or just need extra help into the office, please call ahead to let us know. We are usually very accommodating when it comes to meeting folks right at their cars to conduct business; we just ask for the heads-up so we can get our coats on!

We have moved the office furniture around. Yes, again. This new floor plan is to provide extra space around our back entrance for fire safety and ADA-accessibility.

The Nov. 6 election will take place at the Fire House, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Entry will be through the Town Office and exit out the Fire House. The Town Office will be closed the following day, Nov. 7. Please plan accordingly.

The Fire Department will host a Hunters’ Breakfast at the Community Center from 4 to 8 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 17, which is different from the one hosted by the Community Club. That Hunters’ Breakfast will be Saturday, Nov. 10, from 5 to 9 a.m. They are looking for a volunteer fry cook; call Linda Gamble, 567-3615.

Nomination papers for the town election are now available. We will have an open spot for the Board of Selectmen and the typical annual dance for road commissioner. That election will be March 29, 2019. We are also in need of one Appeals Board member. Appeals Board is an appointed volunteer position. If you are interested in Appeals Board, please contact us immediately as we have a class on Nov. 29 that would be beneficial to attend.

Snowmobile stickers and dog tags are available. Dogs should be registered by Dec. 31. Please bring proof of rabies vaccination and a spay/neuter certificate if the dog is being registered for the first time. Fees start Feb. 1 for not registering on time and are $25 per dog plus the regular registration fee of $6 or $11, depending on if the animal is spayed or neutered.

Community Club is seeking donations for the Children’s Christmas Party. It is helpful for them to get the donations early so that they have plenty of time to wrap the gifts, and get a count of how many they have. Call Jennifer McVeigh, 567-3170, to donate or drop your items off at the Town Office during regular business hours.