The stalemate between Democrats' unwillingness to adopt tough immigration policy and Republicans’ attempts to beef up immigration standards has put our nation in limbo. Democrats have thwarted President Trump’s every move to build a border wall, a wall that if already in place, would effectively end illegal immigration.

But the so-called “caravan” of people from Central America may soon bring the stalemate to an abrupt conclusion. This huge band of travelers has already ignored laws in Mexico by entering illegally. One news video showed the vanguard of the wave tearing down a wire fence to enter Mexico, all under the “watchful” eye of the Mexican government.

The Department of Homeland Security has announced that some criminal elements number among the many thousands of invaders. This includes young men with gang tattoos as well as other young men from the Middle East and several other locations around the world. Suffice it to say, these are not all just poor Hondurans wishing for a better life.

No one wants for anyone to suffer harm, but as the president said at a recent rally, this is an assault upon our country. If and when the teeming horde of illegals reaches our border, the president will send the military (not National Guard) to stop them. Any other country in the same position would do the same. It is our right to protect our borders from those who would enter illegally.

If we fail to act and these illegal, unvetted intruders are allowed to cross our border unmolested, it would signal the end of U.S. sovereignty because it would set a tone. After that, there would be absolutely no stopping anyone from anywhere from waltzing into America at will.

So unless something totally unforeseen occurs, we will have a confrontation. The stalemate will be broken because, either way, the result will set a precedent.

Let me pose a question. Does anyone think that this huge wave of people, like Topsy, “just growed?” Considering the sheer numbers of would-be invaders and the staggering logistics involved, it seems to any reasonable mind, an impossibility. Someone has conceived this event and someone or something funds, aids and abets it.

Whatever we eventually do to keep these invaders out of our country will be met with fierce opposition from the left. But to do nothing is unthinkable. Only time will tell. Let us pray and hope for the best.

We, all of us, live in perilous times. In addition to the original group of invaders, two more have now materialized. Where will this all end?

And now, besides the “caravans” headed to our borders, we have improvised explosive devices being sent to most of the high-profile Democrats. Thus far, no one has been injured and it seems entirely possible that hurting people was not the sender’s intent. But as of this writing, we don’t know much at all about the perpetrator or perpetrators. And so anything anyone says at this point is pure speculation.

Still, there are several trains of thought regarding this crisis. First, it is possible that the sender really did mean for these devices to explode and hurt or kill people. At the moment, that seems unlikely, and for a very basic reason. No one with an ounce of sense could possibly think that packages sent to former presidents and other notables would arrive unnoticed. Which indicates that the entity responsible is just sending an unspoken message or warning.

Another train of thought maintains that some misguided Republican is responsible. This person would naturally be a white, Christian, male NRA member. People in this group get blamed for everything anyway, so this isn’t surprising.

And yet another theory suggests that Democrats themselves have staged this to make it look like Republicans are responsible. This seems totally irrational.

Finally, it is possible that some foreign entity has set this all in motion.

Our intelligence-gathering capability being what it is, we’ll probably find out soon enough. One thing, though, is certain. Whomever or whatever is responsible lives outside the boundaries of acceptable behavior. If it is a person, rather than a group, then that person is obviously insane.

Both the masses of potential illegal immigrants and the letter bombs just came upon the scene from out of the ether. Coincidence? I don’t think so. With our election only days away, it seems possible that yet another unheard-of event will transpire, possibly something beyond our imagination.

So take care for yourselves and your families. We are indeed living in perilous times.