Each bowler, of all ages and abilities, positioned at the lane foul line, tossed or rolled the ball down the alley in a variety of manners in an attempt to accomplish one important goal — namely, to knock down as many pins as possible.

In the end, however, it did not matter if one, 10 or no pins fell. What mattered most were the smiles on the faces and the happiness in the hearts of the Special Olympians who participated in the annual three-county candlepin bowling event on Monday, Nov. 5 at Oakland Park Lanes.

Watch video, and see more photos, below.

The bowlers came from Knox, Lincoln and Waldo counties. Some needed guidance and others assistance, but each bowler enjoyed every second of the experience.

Participants represented the following schools: Miller School of Waldoboro, Thomaston Grammar School, Vinalhaven, Captain Albert (CASS) of Belfast, Camden-Rockport Elementary School, Camden-Rockport Middle School, Troy Howard Middle School of Belfast, Medomak Middle School of Waldoboro, Medomak Valley High School of Waldoboro, Oceanside Middle School of Thomaston, Oceanside High School of Rockland, Belfast Area High School and Camden Hills Regional High School of Rockport.

The individual results, with bowler, school and number of pins knocked down, included:

Ages 11 and younger — Alden McBrien, Miller, 9; Kael Winslow, TGS, 18; Malachi Fairfield, TGS, 19; Luca Hoose, Vinalhaven, 25; Jimmie Clark III, TGS, 26; Wyatt Chavanne, Miller, 27; Mason Harris, Vinalhaven, 28; Cooper Bickford, Miller, 29; Jonathan Black, CASS, 29; Abby Frazee, CASS, 32; Christopher Randall, CRES, 33; Tim Hanscom, CASS, 33; Raymond Bryant, Vinalhaven, 36; Khloe Flynn, Miller, 37; Elijah Williams, Miller, 39; Lillian Brewer, Miller, 39; Maddison York, Miller, 39; Tegan Carlson, CRES, 39; Fisher Thomas, CRMS, 40; Damian Small, Vinalhaven, 41; Gary Simmons, Miller, 41; Seth Woodrow, CASS, 41; Abbie Morgan, CASS, 42; Izic Curtis, CASS, 42; Michael Mushrall, CASS, 44; Max Mahoney, CRMS , 45; Alexus Wadsworth, Miller, 46; Elijah Wallace, Miller, 46; Noah Massicotte, Miller, 46; Aidyn Davis, TGS, 47; Henry Fairfield, TGS, 47; Cooper Perez, CRES, 49; Levi Thomas, CRMS, 49; Blade Bickford, Miller, 51; Sheriden Ingerson, THMS, 54; Trey Johnson, CRES, 56; Haylee Moores, CASS, 57; Karl Hoffses, Miller, 57; Alexander Higgins, CASS, 58; Josiah Hatfield, Miller, 72; David Johnson, Miller, unkown score; Steven Fuller, CASS, unknown score; Annie Hunt, CRES, scratch; Benjamin Beal, CASS, scratch; Brayden Lazaro, Vinalhaven, scratch; Cole Carter, Miller, scratch; Gabe Bunker, THMS, scratch; Gavin Davis, CRES, scratch; Kamaryn Brackett, Miller, scratch; and Patrick Savage, CRES, scratch.

Ages 11 and younger assisited — Paden Robbins, TGS, scratch; Lila Jackson, CRES, scratch; Marcus Oxton, Vinalhaven, 24; and Zayden Myrick, TGS, 55.

Ages 12-15 — Paige Harvey, MVMS, 24; Evan Heppe, Vinalhaven, 30; Jacob Day, THMS, 32; Jacob Prince, THMS, 32; Autumn Pierce, OMS, 41; Ivy Ladd, MVHS, 41; Bryce Cook, MVMS, 43; Isaac Richardson, MVMS, 44; Emma Deetjen, CRMS, 51; Thomas Young, OMS, 51; Micheal Abbott, OHS, 55; Toby Jones, BAHS, 55; Logan Sheafe, BAHS, 58; Landen Stewart, MVMS, 62; Hailey Campbell, MVMS, 63; Brian Farnham, OMS, 66; Tyler McKay, MVHS, 68; Benjamin Coulter, OMS, 73; Haley Callahan, OHS, 75; Byron Radley, OHS, 84; John Burchett, OMS, 94; Billy Bragdon, THMS, scratch; Cullin Booker, MVMS, scratch; Dallas Heal, CRMS, scratch; Dylan Genthner, MVHS, scratch; Gage Smith, OHS, scratch; Jazmyn Robishaw, Vinalhaven, scratch; and Kelly Motyka, MVHS, scratch.

Ages 12-15 assisted — Finley Vannoy, Miller, scratch; Joshua Wallace, Miller, 62; and James Kennedy-Bemis, MVMS, 69.

Ages 16-21 — Kaitlyn Elliot, BAHS, 16; Valerie Lorleberg, OHS, 26; Angel Seiders, OHS, 32; Bridgette Gross, MVHS, 35; Tom Roberts, CHRHS, 35; Blaine Cook, CHRHS, 38; Kenny Magivney, CHRHS, 42; Jerrid Farwell, CHRHS, 48; Kaleb Wing, BAHS, 48; Nathan Mcgovern, BAHS, 52; Keegin Colby, OHS, 53; Lauryn Keating, CHRHS, 53; Von Mclaughlin, MVHS, 54; Mercedes Curtis, BAHS, 55; Angel McKay, MVHS, 58; Deven Short, CHRHS, 58; Lillian Kunn, MVHS, 58; Ryan Morse, OHS, 64; Kaytlyn Pierce, OHS, 65; Erica Dyer, OHS, 78; Ryan Warren, OHS, 93; Alexis Melendez, MVHS, scratch; Jacob Rinehart, MVHS, scratch; and Joshua Henning, CHRHS, scratch.

Ages 16-21 assisted — Brandon Matthews, BAHS, 28; E.J. Merrifield, BAHS, scratch; Justin Hunt, OHS, 75; and Kyle Bagley, BAHS, 31.