Democrat Vicki Doudera of Camden, known locally for selling real estate and writing mystery novels, was elected Nov. 6 to serve House District 94 in the Legislature.

"I'm thrilled, honored and humbled to be District 94's next state representative," she said. "What an experience this has been — a true testament to the hard work of so many people, culminating in an election with unprecedented voter turnout. … Back in the early spring, when I started knocking on doors, I kept reassuring people that change was in the air, and to keep the faith. The outcome of the election locally and statewide is very gratifying, and the issues that matter most to Mainers — health care, education, lowering property taxes — are going to get the attention they deserve."

She noted that constituents are already reaching out to her. "I've heard from the [Camden-Rockport] Pathways Committee about an important issue regarding the Riverwalk; met with folks from Islesboro about the ongoing ferry rate increase; and scheduled meetings with our Select Board chairs and school administrators to find out how I can best assist them."

Doudera defeated incumbent independent Owen Casas of Rockport by a vote of 2,944 to 2,647.

The towns of Camden, Rockport and Islesboro are in the district. Doudera won by the largest margin in Camden, taking 1,816 votes to 1,363 for Casas.

Casas won his hometown of Rockport by a vote of 1,098 to 940. Doudera was supported in Islesboro by a two-vote margin of 188 to 186.

Doudera has lived in Maine for more than 30 years, and has owned local businesses and volunteered in the community.

She has written five mystery novels featuring real estate agent/detective Darby Farr. She also is the author of the nonfiction book, "Moving to Maine."

Doudera sells real estate for Camden Real Estate Co.