A jury on Nov. 7 found former Maine legislator Kenneth Lindell guilty on multiple counts related to his alleged bilking of two elderly widows for more than $3 million.

Lindell, 53, of Cloverdale, California, previously lived in Frankfort and served in the state Legislature from 2004 to 2006 representing Frankfort, Prospect, Searsport, Stockton Springs, Verona Island and Orland.

He was indicted in March 2017 on two counts Class B theft for allegedly defrauding an elderly Belfast woman, whose finances he managed before her death in 2012, and whose estate he co-represented. A grand jury later added a charge of securities violation related to another elderly widow now in her 80s, who lives outside Paris, France, and whose Maine assets Lindell was managing.

Weeks before his scheduled trial in April, the the state got information that Lindell might have violated bail conditions. He turned himself in to Penobscot County Jail, where he was held until his jury trial.

During that time, he was indicted on 12 new charges, including Maine income tax evasion, theft of federal and state income tax refunds (by claiming a larger return than he was due) and failing to pay income tax.

The jury on Nov. 7 convicted Lindell of fifteen criminal counts involving theft, securities fraud, intentional evasion of Maine income tax and failure to pay Maine income tax.

In a statement from Maine Office of Securities, Administrator Judith Shaw called the case "one of the most significant and troubling" the office has investigated in more than 10 years.

“Mr. Lindell was a trusted financial professional in Maine," Shaw said. "But more than that, he was like family to these women. He groomed them for years in order to perpetrate these crimes, preying on their trusting nature and vulnerabilities. This type of activity will not be tolerated, especially from someone licensed to act as a securities professional in Maine.”

Lindell faces up to 10 years in prison, a fine of up to $20,000 for the Class B felony theft charge, according to multiple published reports, and could be ordered to pay restitution and back taxes.

Shaw urged anyone with questions about investment opportunities or investment professionals with whom they are working to contact the Office of Securities at 877-624-8551.