Waldo Town News



Big turnout on Election Day

According to Waldo Town Clerk Sandra Smith, 414 registered voters voted on Election Day. Of these, 65 were absentee voters.

Sandra said that she and Waldo First Selectman Kathy Littlefield stayed at the Waldo Town Hall until 2 a.m., counting votes and putting things in order. Thanks to these dedicated individuals for their efforts.

Under the feeder

Birds have flocked to my suet feeders lately. To my great pleasure, both kinds of nuthatches, red-breasted and common, or white-breasted nuthatches have made appearances. These birds were out of sight but not out of mind since last spring.

Along with songbirds, a fat gray squirrel also raided the feeder. But it being hunting season, this squirrel wound up a victim of its transgressions. Squirrel meat is sweet and tasty and so Mr. Squirrel wound up in my freezer. If its kin care to emulate their lost relative, they will most likely meet the same fate.

City lights

Having lived at the same location for many, many years, something has happened that saddens me greatly. An amateur astronomer, I always delighted in the dark skies here in Waldo. But the sky isn’t so dark nowadays. While on crystal-clear nights it is not noticeable, any time we have a slight haze, the city lights from Belfast are now visible. It seems that small particles in the haze reflect Belfast lights. This makes my stomach churn to think that a once-pristine location has been compromised and now other people’s lights infringe upon our nighttime sky viewing here in Waldo.

There are solutions to this, a nationwide problem. Special street lamps, built so the light faces down, toward the ground, rather than up in the sky, can supplant the present lighting. But unless a group effort takes place, our skies will, unfortunately, continue to brighten, a troubling sign of the times.

Weekly quote

“The night is chill, the forest bare. Is it the wind that moaneth bleak?” — Byron