Hope everyone had a pleasant Thanksgiving. The cold weather seems to have come all at once and with the snow cover it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. I have not had any news the last couple of weeks but I do want to emphasize that if none is emailed or called into me, I see no sense in writing about the weather or when I last changed my hairstyle.

This week, however, Lee Kragh Jr. contacted me with a bit of news that he wished me to pass along. On Nov. 14, the Kraghs' cabin caught fire on that cold and windy night we had.

And despite Fire Chief Don Nickerson's recent fall from his roof he answered the call immediately. He, along with mutual aide from Monroe and Brooks as well as Thorndike, were able to put out the fire with no injuries.

Many thanks go out to the men that answer the call for our assistance. So many people are unaware of the sacrifices that our volunteer firefighters make, both financially and time-wise. The legal requirements to be a volunteer these days are so much greater than they ever were in the days when anyone could grab a portable water tank or a hose and lend a much-needed hand in a time of need.

Again, thank you so much from Laurie, Nancy and Lee Jr.

I would also like to send out words of encouragement to Billy Roberts, who is recovering from serious neck surgery. We all hope he is feeling better and will be quickly on the mend.

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