Change officially is on the horizon for high school football in the Pine Tree State as the Maine Principals’ Association announced — at a meeting on Thursday, Nov. 29 at its offices — that, beginning with the 2019 fall season, it would eliminate the experimental Class E and replace it with a new eight-player football league.

Schools with enrollments of fewer than 350 students will be eligible to play in the eight-player league, while that could expand to a second eight-player league for schools with enrollments of 351 and higher, depending on the statewide interest.

The change would become official if it is approved at the MPA in the spring.

The change directly will affect the Camden Hills football team, which has participated in Class E for two seasons.

Thus, the Windjammers will need to decide if they want to join the new eight-player football league, or, remain in traditional 11-on-11 football.

Essentially, eight-player football will be the same, including with traditional tackling, but with only eight players per side instead of 11, and on a smaller field.

Should Camden Hills opt for the latter, the next decision will be a return to Class B — the division it belongs in based on enrollment for the sport — or petition to a lower class, where it would be playoff ineligible for the next two seasons.

Class E initially was intended for schools trying to establish or reestablish football, sort of a place to get programs built up before they moved onto the other four classes with the more established programs.

A more in-depth story will appear later.

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