Hello Everyone,

I seem to be dragging today. It sure looks like winter is upon us, considering the snowfall we have been getting lately. It sure is pretty, though, all those big snowflakes adding up.

Many attended the Mount View High School Craft Fair. Lots of folks have a reunion of sorts with friends and family there. Always a nice time.

John Ford was missed. His new book is available now, as mine has been shipped, from, "Living the Dream." Always loved his books, and Mark Nickerson's too. A lot of humor in John's, to say the least. Was fun trying to figure out who he was describing in his tales. Made you wonder, for sure.

Unity Boosters

The Boosters are off to a good start with the Festival of Trees at the Community Center in Unity. They had 10 trees, I believe. I got some tickets to try to win a tree. It is fun and helps the kiddos. Ends Sunday, Dec. 2nd. Thanks, Lori and Pam. Thanks to all that supported this.

Maine Veterans Home in Augusta

A big thanks to all who attended the Christmas Gift Shop for the residents to shop for gifts for their family or friends. Members of our Ladies Auxiliary donate goodies to this, and wrap the gifts, as this is all free to the veterans. Then, later on, a Christmas party for the residents is held where each one gets their own gifts. Thanks to all for making this possible each year. We, Ladies Auxiliary of American Legion, sponsor the other veteran homes in the state too, as some are familiar with the Bangor one.


Our condolences to families of Scott Chadwick and Shawn Shorey. They both will be missed.

Get well

Here's wishing that Jerry Parker and Alton Reynolds will be feeling better very soon.

Mount View Chamber Singers

The singers will be at Knox Ridge Baptist Church on Saturday, Dec. 8, at 4 p.m. Carols in the Round is always very nice, and enjoyed by all who attend. Don't miss out.


A hello to Emmy Doughty! Thinking of you, and your nieces and nephews are thinking of you, too. Em loves Hershey chocolate bars with almonds, if you see him, or drop one off to him. Am sure he'd appreciate it. Lin says hello Uncle Em.

Another week: Jackson Food Pantry auction items sale

After Cindy does the Sunday blow-out sale and bingo, she will be having the last sale from the auction Items. Get more Christmas shopping done. The Stocking Stuffer room is still available. Items sold at the auction price. Items must be picked up Friday, Dec. 7, 8:30 a.m. to noon; Saturday, Dec. 8, 8 to 11 a.m. Then that is it for another year. Help support Jackson Food Pantry.


It was off to Winslow for my birthday Chinese food supper with Wayne, Laura and family. Ice cream and cake. A nice evening was had. Another year, another year older. Where has the time gone to? Cherish your family, life is short, folks.

Fair in Freedom

Coming up Saturday, Dec. 8, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Christmas Craft Fair will be held at the Freedom Town Office and annex building. Something for everyone. Freedom Rec needs your support! Crafters there, and a lot of fun. Bring the kiddos.

Until next week,

Stay warm and be safe. Make sure your smoke alarm works properly. Make for a great day by paying it forward if possible. Take care on our snowy roads if out and about.

Still waiting for my phone to ring to see if I won anything from the raffle tickets I purchased yesterday. One can always hope, right? Have a great week to all.