Hello to All,

I hope everyone is keeping warm, the temps have gone down, brrr! I am busy searching for historical things lately. Love the old pictures and places of long ago, especially the Frye Mountain history. My Aunt Shirley, RIP, would be so proud. Bless her heart, I used to hear this stuff constantly until I thought I'd lose my mind. But with age, you think differently, at least I did.


Our sincere sympathy to the Reynolds and Bryant family on the loss of Randy Reynolds. Husband to Juanita Bryant Reynolds, and the family. He will be missed.


Happy 50th anniversary to Dick and Jackie Marriner! May you have many more years together.

Hello Ladies

A big hello to Beverly Ludden and Lois Keller. Thinking of you both.

Up in Troy

First-ever Cookie Swap, Weds. Dec 12th, 1-3 PM. at B.B. Cook Clubhouse on 202/9 Bangor Road, in Troy. This is a fundraiser for the Troy Union Church. The church is in the middle of an extensive multi-year restoration project. The suggested donation is $5, for which you get a plate of cookies, candies of your choice. Bring friends along for some goodies.

Art's Birdhouses

Art Fuller is making his Ole Man Birdhouses if anyone wants to purchase one for a Christmas Gift, $15 each. They really are a unique gift. Check him out on Route 220 in Montville. He is on Facebook, too.

Wreaths Across America

At School Street Cemetery in Unity on Dec. 15th at 11 AM. Public is welcome to attend this wreath laying of each branch of service, and veterans.

Cancer Strikes a Relative

My cousin Debbie Ingraham's daughter Kayla Ingraham. She has stage 3 breast cancer, and cancer of her lymph nodes. She is only 30 years old with a little baby, 10 months old Michael Drew. Her fiance Michael is helping with her care and the baby at this time. She is having trouble with her leg, and Mike is worried it has spread to her bones or other organs. Waiting on a cat scan.

He is asking for help with a GoFundMe account he has set up on Facebook sharing this story for all. They desperately need help at this time. He hated to ask. Every little bit helps, with travel, and bills, etc., they need to pay.

They need many prayers for her recovery from this awful cancer. Sadly five months were wasted when they were put off, thinking it was something else minor. It is fast-growing. Please pray! And help out if possible. If you are healthy, be thankful for your health. Thanks!


Happy birthday to my brother, Gene Drew. If you see him in a Unitel truck or somewhere, wish him a happy birthday on Dec. 12th. May you have many more.

Lena Dog

Sadly Lena dog had to be put down. A decision was made to let her be free of pain and suffering. She couldn't be saved. She had been neglected, and suffered from Lyme disease, hookworms, cancer, kidneys were failing and she was refusing to eat, losing weight. It was her time to go, sad as it was. Annette of Muddy Paws Grooming in Unity cared for her. She had been spoiled by her, and Courtney. Courtney Lewis of Sweet Violet Photography took dog pics of her. The money raised from all the pet photo shoots they did recently will go to her vet bills, and any money left over will go to the next animal in need. Thanks, ladies, for trying to save her, you did your best.

Lost: Pair of boots with orthotic inserts

Recently a young lady went to Goodwill and was trying on shoes, and somehow someone picked up her boots she had been wearing and bought them, they had her special orthotics in them.

If you bought a pair of boots at Goodwill with some such inserts, please return them as they were not for sale, they were her own property. I guess what I am trying to convey is this, please beware when leaving your shoes, or boots lying not in your line of sight, as you could lose them.

This is terrible for the young woman who desperately needs those inserts. I can feel her pain, as I am supposed to be wearing my inserts to keep my back and hips from hurting, they keep your feet the way they were intended to be. Spread the word if you can please.

Attention 4-H-ers

Holly Ingraham posted this info. We have a Clinic/ Training coming up on Sat. Jan. 5th, 10-2 PM at the Waldo County EMA Office 4 Public Safety Way in Belfast , same building as the Sheriff's Office. Training provided in Emergency Pet Sheltering, Pet 1st Aid, Field Exercise. 4-H Adults, and Teens wanted for this. Lunch provided of pizza. Patches will be provided. Let Holly know who will attend.


No raffle wins for me at this time. Thanks to all that supported the Festival of Trees in Unity that the new Unity Boosters hosted at the Community Center. It was fun.

Birthday party

A surprise 50th birthday party was held Saturday night for Lori Grant Nason. May you have many more years, Lori! You have done much for the community.

Birthday gal

A very happy birthday to my daughter-in-law, Laura Doughty, on Dec. 19th. May you have a lot of birthdays! I am sure I drive her insane at times,and am sorry for that, poor girl putting up with the likes of me. She is a good sport. Enjoy your day.

Until next time,

Keep warm folks, those temps are going down, as it is that time of year now. The snow does look pretty on the covered fields anyway. I have squirrels, and birds galore waiting on food. The darned mice seem to think it is their hotel in my cellar basement as I have been busy catching them, and out they go. Not a fun chore in the least. Guess I need to do the peppermint oil on cotton balls to keep them out. Will try that soon. Be safe everyone.