Drainage issues in the rear parking lot at Stockton Springs Town Office almost led to flooding inside the building recently.

Town Manager Courtney O'Donnell said heavy rains turned the lot into "an ice rink" when the water flowed toward the building because of deteriorating pavement. Public Works Director George Russell said the lot has settled and now slopes toward the Town Office.

"It was this close to coming into the building," he said, measuring a few inches with his fingers.

O'Donnell said, "We thought it would be a simple fix."

The water build-up was caused by a clogged drainage pipe, Russell said. He placed the blame for the clog on children dropping rocks into the exposed, uncapped pipe, which he said is buried about 6 feet deep.

Construction and paving of the new parking lot adjacent to the Town Office did not create the issue, Russell said.

"The reason it's plugged is because of the rocks," he said.

Russell suggested leaving the existing underground perimeter drain in place and installing a new 2-foot drain to siphon water off the lot until spring. O'Donnell said the temporary solution is not ideal but will have to do until permanent repairs can be made.

"Either way, we're going to have to dig up that lot," O'Donnell said.