Edna Mitchell, who is vacationing in Florida, writes, “…I got the three last Republican Journals this week. My big surprise was that the one that came today (Saturday) was the one that came out on Thursday. Usually it takes two to three weeks for a paper to make it to Florida.”

Well, Edna, that sounds about par for the course to me. I am glad that you keep up on events at home, though, by subscribing to The Republican Journal.

Things are slow here in Waldo, as usual. If anyone has news of any sort, please contact me so that I may run it in this column.

Next, even though we have almost three more months of winter, I’m making plans for spring. Some agencies have already booked me as a presenter on the topic of wild, edible and medicinal plants. So if you or your group would like a seminar, plant walk, or both, it’s not too soon to give me a call and begin planning.

Perchin’ Prediction

With a long string of sub-freezing temperatures, some of the smaller ponds have a solid coating of ice. So with that, we’ll begin the Perchin’ Prediction for 2019.

While all fish, with the exception of togue, bite best early in the season, we must temper our enthusiasm with caution, since there are always thin spots in the ice this time of year. That said, local ponds are open to trout fishing and some folks have already begun fishing.

As for me, while I badly want to get out and catch some crappies and perch, cutting holes in the ice will be problematic at best. My recent surgery still gives me problems and pushing on my hand-cranked ice auger remains out of the question. Perhaps in another month or so things will change, at least I hope so.

Under the Feeder

Squirrels remain at the top of Under the Feeder news. And now, gray squirrels are joined by red squirrels. I’ve dispatched a number of bushytails thus far, but like an invading horde, they just keep coming.

Weekly quote

“Swift as a shooting star/In Autumn thwarts the night.” ― Milton