Nine teams from six school districts looked for offseason work — and perhaps work off some of their holiday meals from the previous day — as the PenBay Indoor Turf and Community Hub (PITCH) hosted a high school field hockey tournament on Wednesday, Dec. 26, the day after Christmas.

Each team competed in a 6-on-6 format in four 25-minute games on fields of condensed size, as the top two teams squared off for the crown at day’s end.

Watch video and see more photos below.

Skowhegan had three teams participate, while Belfast, Oceanside of Rockland, Mount View of Thorndike, Maine Central Institute of Pittsfield, Cony of Augusta and Lawrence of Fairfield had one team.

Belfast and Skowhegan White emerged from the fray with identical 4-0 records, while Belfast defeated Skowhegan White 4-1 in the championship round to win the tournament.

The final standings were: Skowhegan White 4-0 (20 goals for, 4 against, 12 points), Belfast 4-0 (17 goals, 2 against, 12 points), MCI 3-0-1 (26 for, 16 against, 10 points), Skowhegan Orange 2-1-1 (18 for, 16 against, 7 points), Cony 2-2 (9 for, 10 against, 6 points), Skowhegan Black 1-3 (13 for, 18 against, 3 points), Lawrence 1-3 (7 for, 18 against, 3 points), Mount View 0-4 (17 for, 27 against, no points) and Oceanside 0-4 (7 for, 23 against, no points).

Scores from the tournament included: MCI 7, Skowhegan Black 4; Skowhegan Orange 8, Mount View 6; Belfast 4, Cony 1; Skowhegan White 4, Lawrence 0; MCI 6, Oceanside 2; Cony 3, Skowhegan Black 1; Belfast 4, Skowhegan Orange 0; Lawrence 5, Mount View 4; Belfast 5, Skowhegan Black 1; Skowhegan White 6, Oceanside 2; Skowhegan Orange 6, Lawrence 2; MCI 9, Mount View 6; MCI 4, Skowhegan Orange 4; Belfast 4, Lawrence 0; Skowhegan White 5, Mount View 1; Cony 4, Oceanside 0; Skowhegan White 5, Cony 1; Skowhegan Black 7, Oceanside 3; and Belfast 4, Skowhegan White 1.

Team members for Belfast included Lauren Blood, Hannah Banks, Mackenzie Banks, Cassidy Clark, Lindsay Bruns, Emily Woods, Sarah Woods, Reagan Seekins and Madison Limburner, Brook Richards and Hailee Lindelof.

Team members for Mount View included Kate Bourgeois, Devon Burgess, MacKenzie Burgess, Alexa Coffin, Allyee Corson, Macy Fowler, Rachelle Ravin, Bella Roberts and Brianna Tripp.

Team members for Oceanside included Amanda Frost, Hannah Grindle, Colette Black, Haley Black, Laura Boutin and Allie Coburn.

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