The Medomak Valley, Mount View and Oceanside high school wrestling teams hit the mats for a post-Christmas tournament — the Husky Winter Classic hosted by Maine Central Institute — on Friday, Dec. 28 and the Midcoast mat squads and athletes experienced varying degrees of success.

Of the event's 17 teams, the Panthers prowled to second, while the Mustangs finished ninth and Mariners 12th.

Oxford Hills of South Paris finished first with 142 points.

The Panthers got first-place finishes from Eli Miller (160 pounds) and Amos Hinkley (170 pounds), as well as second-place finishes from Jakob Gess (195 pounds) and Erik Benner (220 pounds), in addition to a third-place effort from Gavin Readinger (113) and fourth-place finishes from Reese Hesseltine (106 pounds) and Tyler Cox (182 pounds).

The Mustangs got first-, second- and third-place finishes from Mark Ward (145 pounds), Nathaniel Fuller (285 pounds) and Morgan Fonger (126 pounds), respectively, while the Mariners saw a second-place performance from Alex Fogarty (145 pounds).

The team scores were: Oxford Hills 142, Medomak Valley 118, Erskine Academy of South China 113.5, Morse of Bath 95, Mount Blue/Spruce Mountain of Farmington/Jay 95, Cheverus of Portland 86.5, Mattanawcook Academy of Lincoln 74.5, Bucksport 72.5, Mount View 51, Fort Kent 47, Maine Central Institute 35, Oceanside 21, Caribou 7, Hermon 4, Madison 3 and Lee Academy and Greely of Cumberland no score.

The individual results for Midcoast wrestlers included:

106 pounds — Reese Hesseltine (9-8 season record, 3 pins), Med, pinned Chase Nicolino, Mor, at 1:29; was pinned by Jarred Bellemare, OxH, at 1:19; pinned Ethan Edgecomb, Car, at 1:31; and was pinned by Jaren Hartt, FtK, at 4:44 in the consolation final. Hesseltine finished fourth.

113 pounds — Gavin Readinger (16-3, 4 pins), Med, was pinned by Alex Burbank, Buck, at 5:53; pinned Davin Barnard, MtV, at 1:32; beat Malik Keresey, MCI, 7-6; and beat Alex Burbank, Buck, 7-6, in the consolation final. Readinger finished third.

Davin Barnard, MtV, beat Kristin Ray, EA, 16-1, in a pigtail match; was pinned by Jagger Bullen, MtB/Spr, at 0:23; and was pinned by Gavin Readinger, Med, at 1:32.

120 pounds — Hailey Wood, MtV, was pinned by Clyde Carr, Mat, at 4:08; and was pinned by Caleb Evans, OxH, at 0:51.

126 pounds — Morgan Fonger, MtV, received a first-round bye; was pinned by Conner McNish, Mor, at 1:24; pinned Evan Gagnon, FtK, at 4:40; and beat Jozie Smith, OxH, 6-2, in the consolation final. Fonger finished third.

132 pounds — Emma Fonger, MtV, lost to Joe Macaluso, Chev, 9-1; pinned Hugo Smith, EA, at 1:22; and lost to Travis Mushero, Mat, 26-8.

138 pounds — Colby Hyde (6-7, 2 pins), Med, was pinned by Cameron Strout, OxH, at 1:35; pinned Larry Nadeau, FtK, at 1:55; and was pinned by Mason Rowe, MtB/Spr, at 0:14.

145 pounds — Mark Ward, MtV, pinned Angel Riopelle, Car, beat Hayden Nile, MtB/Spr, 10-3; and beat Alex Fogarty, Ocean, 10-3, in the championship final. Ward finished first.

Alex Fogarty, Ocean, pinned Josh Hesseltine, Mat, at 0:49; pinned Dillon Worster, OxH, at 3:08; and lost to Mark Ward, MtV, 10-3, in the championship final. Fogarty finished second.

Zeke Hesseltine (3-11, 2 pins), Med, was pinned by Dillon Worster, OxH, at 1:01 in a pigtail match.

152 pounds — Josh Jackomino, Ocean, was pinned by Adam Loewen, MtB/Spr, at 0:39; and was pinned by Trenton Basford, MCI.

160 pounds — Eli Miller (12-0, 11 pins), Med, pinned Franky Wells, OxH, at 1:13; pinned C.J. Rouchleau, FtK, at 1:56; and pinned Tucker Nicholas, MtB/Spr, at 5:38 in the championship final. Miller finished first.

170 pounds — Amos Hinkley (16-2, 8 pins), Med, pinned Dylan Williams, Ocean, at 1:22; pinned Aiden Larrabee, EA, at 3:59; and pinned Hunter Robichaud, Buck, at 4:48 in the championship final. Hinkley finished first.

Dylan Williams, Ocean, pinned Tyler Avery, Mad, at 0:38 in a pigtail match; was pinned by Amos Hinkley, Med, at 1:22; and was pinned by George Mitchell, Chev, at 1:27.

182 pounds — Tyler Cox (5-2, 5 pins), Med, pinned Alex Hand, Mad, at 1:54; was pinned by Tiegan Lindstedt, Chev, at 2:56; pinned Austin Campbellton, EA, at 2:17; and lost to Ihsan Myers, Mor, 1-0, in the consolation final. Cox finished fourth.

195 pounds — Jakob Gess (13-2, 6 pins), Med, received a first-round bye; pinned Travis May, OxH, at 2:44; and was pinned by Alex Munson, Mat, at 5:41 in the championship final. Gess finished second.

Kaleb Blackwell, Ocean, was pinned by Alex Munson, Mat, at 2:18; pinned Shelby Ostrowski, MCI, at 3:45; and was pinned by Travis May, OxH, at 4:27.

220 pounds — Erik Benner  (17-1, 13 pins), Med, pinned Jacob Coghill, Buck, at 1:11; pinned Sean Sullivan, Chev, at 1:58; and lost to Jeffrey Worster, OxH, 9-0, in the championship final. Benner finished second.

Rick Nelson, MtV, was pinned by Jacob Coghill, Buck, at 5:52 in a pigtail match.

285 pounds — Nathaniel Fuller, MtV, pinned Déja Douglas, Mor, at 0:28; pinned Romeo Mellits, Her, at 2:39; and was pinned by Anthony Sanborn, EA, at 2:31 in the championship final. Fuller finished second.

Tucker McDaniels-Rossi, Med, was pinned by Clarke LeBlanc, Mad, at 1:13 in a pigtail match.

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