The Camden Hills and Belfast wrestling squads participated in the Noble Invitational on Friday, Dec. 28, an event in which the Windjammers nearly sailed off with the team crown, as they fell to eventual champion Cony of Augusta by half-point, but did crown an individual titlist.

The Windjammers racked up 169.5 points to finish second in the post-Christmas high school tournament that featured 33 teams — some of which came from outside the Pine Tree State — while the Lions finished 10th, amassing 94 points.

Camden Hills got a first-place finish from Noah Lang (145 pounds), while Eric Andrews (106) finished second, Dawson Allen (132) and Ian Henderson (138), third; Drew Kelly (152) and Devin Hutcheson (113), fourth; and Josh Saucier (120), fifth.

Belfast earned fourth-place finishes from Brian White (195) and Gage Newcomb (285), while Patrick Curtis (152) nabbed a fifth-place finish and Justin Norwood a sixth-place finish (182).

The team scores were: Cony 170, Camden Hills 169.5, Mount Ararat of Topsham 162, Nokomis of Newport 151, Noble 136.5, Wells 136, Mount Mansfield Union of Jericho, Vt. 103, Portland 102, Foxcroft Academy of Dover-Foxcroft 94.5, Belfast 94, Lisbon/Oak Hill of Lisbon Falls/Sabattus 93.5, Plymouth, N.H. 84, Sanford 82, Windham/Gray-New Gloucester 77, Spaulding 78.5, Westbrook/Gorham 74, John Bapst of Bangor 43, Skowhegan 37, Brooks School of North Andover, Mass. 32, Ellsworth 28.5, Bangor Christian 18, Winnacunnet of Hampton, N.H. 13, Bangor 4, and Belfast ‘B,’ Belfast ‘C,’ Falmouth, Lisbon/Oak Hill ‘B,’ Messalonskee of Oakland, Mount Ararat ‘B,’ Noble ‘B,’ Noble ‘C,’ Oyster River of Massachusetts and Windham/Gray-New Gloucester ‘B’ no score.

The individual results for Camden Hills and Belfast wrestlers included:

106 pounds — Eric Andrews, CH, pinned Kyle Harris, Nok, at 0:51; pinned Michael Ducharme, Wells, at 3:30; pinned Sawyer McCarty, FA, at 4:59; and was pinned by Noah Dumas, Cony, at 2:51 in the championship final. Andrews finished second.

Connor Fournier, Bel, lost to Adam Genereux, San, 17-0, in a pigtail match.

113 pounds — Devin Hutcheson, CH, beat C. Dickinson, Spa, 6-2; was pinned by L. Bliss, MMU, at 1:56; pinned Calvin Peck, Nok, at 4:21; and was pinned by C. Dickinson, Spa, at 1:19 in the consolation final. Hutcheson finished fourth.

Gabe Bruns, Bel, was pinned by C. Dickinson, Spa, at 2:30; and was pinned by Calvin Peck, Nok, at :07.

120 pounds — Josh Saucier, CH, pinned Jyron Xaykosy, San, at 0:32; pinned Anthony Napolitano, Por, at 1:05; lost to Landon St. Peter, JB, 11-2; and was pinned by Enrico Ayala, FA, at 3:23. Saucier finished fifth.

Tim Smith, Bel, pinned Jonathan Brown, Wells ‘B,’ at 1:49; was pinned by K. Griffin, Brks, at 1:32; pinned Jacob Scott, Wells, at 2:31; and was pinned by Enrico Ayala, FA, at 3:44.

126 pounds — Kristina Kelly, CH, was pinned by L. Bailey, Spa, at 1:01 in a pigtail match.

132 pounds — Dawson Allen, CH, Aiden Orr, Nob, at 3:26; pinned T. McCann, Wnc, at 0:22; was pinned by Robert Davies, Skow, at 4:44; beat Aiden Orr, Nob, 15-9; and pinned Dominic Pelletier, Win/Gng, at 4:03 in the consolation final. Allen finished third.

Joah Thompson, CH, pinned Ayden Wiswell, NobC, at 1:14 in a pigtail match, was pinned by A. Laviolette, Lis/OaH, at 5:33; and was pinned by Gavin Poer, NobC, at 2:11.

138 pounds — Ian Henderson, CH, pinned E Riddell, OR, at 0:29; was pinned by Sam Martel, Nob, at 2:38; pinned H Chase, Spa, at 2:42; pinned Ryan Peavey, Bel, at 0:43; beat Alex Rachoskie, Nob, 9-3; and pinned J. Gaumer, Ply, at 3:37 in the consolation final. Henderson finished third.

Oceana Pacholski-Procter, Bel, was pinned by Caden Kowalsky, MtA, at 0:18; and was pinned by Ryan Peavey, Bel, at 1:23.

Ryan Peavey, Bel, was pinned by Caden Gibson, Wells, at 1:20; pinned Oceana Pacholski-Procter, Bel, at 1:23; won by forfeit over Shamus Cole, Por, and was pinned by Ian Henderson, CH, at 0:43.

145 pounds — Noah Lang, CH, pinned Bane Slocum, MtA, at 0:22; pinned Jack Callis, San, at 0:51; pinned Hussin Al-Saadi, Por, at 1:42; pinned Brett Raio, MtA, at 1:11; and pinned Duncan McGilvery, Nob, at 1:36 in the championship final. Lang finished first. Lang did not have a point scored on him and pinned all his opponents in the first period. It was his second title at Noble.

Jordana Duncan, Bel, was pinned by Duncan McGilvery, Nob, at 0:35; and was pinned by D. Felix, Win/GnG, at 0:56.

152 pounds — Drew Kelly, CH, beat K. Walker, Win/GnG, 15-0; was pinned by Jakob Arbour, Cony, at 3:00; pinned Shane Lowell, West/Gor, at 2:31; pinned G. Butts, Win/GnG, at 2:55; pinned H. Lessard, Ply, at 2:59; and was pinned by Jakob Arbour, Cony, at 1:27 in the consolation final. Kelly finished fourth.

Patrick Curtis, Bel, pinned Spencer Poulin, Wells, at 0:20; lost to Ben Laurence, MtA, 9-0; pinned Chris Fournier, Bel, at 3:22; pinned Logan Rendell, Nob, at 1:19; and was pinned by Jakob Arbour, Cony, at 1:11. Curtis finished fifth.

Chris Fournier, Bel, was pinned by G. Butts, Win/GnG, at 1:38; pinned Francesco Martin, Bel, at 0:51; pinned Adam O’Farrell, MtA, at 0:21; and was pinned by Patrick Curtis, Bel, at 3:22.

Isaac Ham, Bel, was pinned by K. Walker, Win/GnG, at 4:57 in a pigtail match.

Francesco Martin, Bel, was pinned by Ethan Penney, San, at 3:11; and was pinned by Chris Fournier, Bel, at 0:51.

160 pounds — Elijah Charbonnier, Bel, pinned Austin Gil, FA, at 1:38; was pinned by Quinton Richards, Nok, at 0:45; and was pinned by Evan Cash, Wells, at 2:01.

170 pounds — Ben Nautel, CH, was pinned by David Wilson, Nok, at 1:44 in a pigtail match.

Nathaniel Porter, Bel, was pinned by Dan Bolton, Lis/OaH, at 4:38 in a pigtail match.

182 pounds — Jason Norwood, Bel, pinned Blake Ouellette, Nob, at 2:42; was pinned by Isaac Plante, San, at 1:36; pinned M. Durgin, Spa, at 2:21; pinned N. Borger, Ply, at 1:28; and was pinned by Jonah Potter, Wells, at 1:28. Norwood finished sixth.

Justin Secotte, CH, pinned Jack Melvin, Skow, at 0:38; was pinned by Jonah Potter, Wells, at 1:08; and lost to Blake Ouellette, Nob, 8-2.

195 pounds — Brian White, Bel, pinned Tiffani Stevens, San, at 0:11; was pinned by Morgan Welch-Thompson, Wells, at 3:31; pinned Joshua Whittemore, FA, at 1:52; pinned Kai Sassa, CH, at 1:16; beat Malcolm Gartland, Port, 7-5; and was pinned by Brady Mitchell-Damms, MtA, at 1:25 in the consolation final. White finished fourth.

Kai Sassa, CH, was pinned by Gavin Hartford, Nob, at 2:56; won by forfeit over Michael Foster, Win/GNG; and was pinned by Brian White, Bel, at 1:16.

220 pounds — Cameron Watts, Bel, was pinned by Sol Demers, San, at 3:02; pinned Alex Beal, MtA, at 1:51; and was pinned by C. Perkins, Spa, at 0:50.

Max Dingle, CH, was pinned by Aaron Foley-Pratt, Nob, at 2:56; and was pinned by G. Allen, Win/GnG, at 1:51.

285 pounds — Gage Newcomb, Bel, pinned A.J. Haler, MtA, at 0:32; pinned Ben MacWilliams, CH, at 1:22; was pinned by Mitchell Mcfarland, Cony, at 1:38; pinned Brayden Doucette, Skow, at 0:28; and was pinned by Harald Degenhardt, Port, at 1:50 in the consolation final. Newcomb finished fourth.

Shane Rumney, Bel, was pinned by Harald Degenhardt, Port, at 0:52; pinned Travis Doucette, Mess, at 2:26; and was pinned by Ben MacWilliams, CH, at 4:29.

Ben MacWilliams, CH, pinned Patrick Exel, Nob, at 5:02; was pinned by Gage Newcomb, Bel, at 1:22; pinned Shane Rumney, Bel, at 4:29; and lost to M. Reno, West/Gor, 5-2.

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