I’ve had enough of radical environmentalists dictating how we live our lives. To that end, of plastic drinking straws.

I only rarely use straws, but in the face of new plastic-straw bans being passed across the nation, my response is to stock up while stocking up is still possible. Amazon has good deals on straws, for those interested.

The same goes for plastic bags, one of the most useful items ever devised. I reuse and recycle plastic bags and try to make it a point to shop only in stores, with a few exceptions, that continue to offer them. It’s not much as far as defiant efforts go, but it makes me feel better.

Thank God the town of Waldo hasn’t yet gone off the deep end. Most of us still celebrate Columbus Day and plastic bags and plastic straws have not come under the gun. And we still say, “Merry Christmas.” In other words, Waldo represents a little vignette of what Maine once was; a free state where free people lived and where we all minded our own business.

Under the feeder

When the FedEx man delivered a package last week, I had no idea what it contained. My friends Art and Suzie Gowie sent it to me as a Christmas present. The thing was very heavy and it was all I could do to handle it.

Upon opening, the contents surprised me. The package was from Chewy Co. and it was full of bird food and it included suet, a seed ring and a giant bag of nuts, berries and every type of seed imaginable.

After setting the stuff out, the birds reacted as if on cue. The seed ring, especially, was a big hit. Now I have enough bird feed, hopefully, to last all winter.

Perchin’ prediction

This coming week should see good ice fishing. I plan on heading out to my favorite crappie pond and try for some tasty panfish. Ice thickness, from what I’m told, runs about 9 inches, plenty safe for a person afoot.

Weekly quote

“People in the West live squeezed together, frenzied as wasps in the nest.” — Davi Kopenawa, Amazonian shamen.