It is unfortunate today that we hear from high places encouragement of hate and violence that emanates from both sides of the aisle and particularly from the media. President Trump, with his lack of humility, the immediate hostility from the leadership of the Democrats and their allies in the compliant media stir impulses of anger that appear to be endless. I, for one, am weary of this harangues and long for peaceful cooperation for the wellbeing of our nation. How about you, have you enjoyed about all of this you can stand?

I ask myself, how can there be resolution to this anger and hatred? I recognize that this will not be an easy task to solve. However, let us examine something from an unanticipated source. Natives in New Guinea had a method of capturing small monkeys. They would cut a small hole in a coconut and empty the contents, then fill it with rice, which the monkeys savored. After mounting the coconut in an area for a trap, the hunter would wait. Once the monkey got his paw into the rice, he would not pull his paw from the coconut and would cling to the rice. By doing this he became easy prey. This reminds me of the Democratic philosophy today that if Trump suggests anything, worthy or not, the response is immediately hostile and they will not let go of it. This, in turn, generates more hostility from Trump. The lack of understanding and forgiveness from both parties is pathetic.

Particularly as we begin the new year, I encourage all, regardless of philosophy or whether you are an Independent, a Democrat or a Republican, to try to entertain opinions that will help strengthen our country, rather than marginalize it. We all can and will benefit, if we will work openly without malice to try to solve problems of health care, immigration and areas of the economy that will benefit the country as a whole. All of these problems need resolution in a fiscally prudent and sound manner. If we will work and solve them together, we will strengthen and not weaken our wellbeing or our freedom.

I also encourage all to consider an approach that was part of our founding as a Christian nation. Open your hearts and minds in a humble manner to our almighty God and ask for guidance and forgiveness of our previous approach to all things. We all have free will, but far too often many choose to respond to affairs in an impulsive manner with a “me first” approach.

Instead, try to approach all of our circumstances by asking God to do his will and not ours. I fervently believe that if this course is followed, the future of our beloved nation will be bright. I ask, do you have a more civil approach to use? Let’s try this; what do we have to lose? It is my desire that justice, liberty and our freedom will prosper for all, and as a result our nation may become unified.

Many may say this approach is the height of naïveté. However, it is based squarely on faith and trust in almighty God. In closing, I refer to a Bible verse, Matthew 12:35 “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.”