Hello All,

It is cold out there, brrrr! I guess Mother Nature has decided we needed a cold spell. The wind has not helped those low temps.

Sara and David went snowmobile racing in Skowhegan today. Their first time trying that. They survived, I heard, am glad for that. I cannot go watch, too much for me to deal with.

Darren and Damien raced as well. Haven't heard how they did. Sure must have been cold.


Our thoughts are with the Raven family as Robert "Bobby" Raven passed away on Dec. 31, 2018, at Glenridge Center in Augusta. He was the son of the late Lawrence "Bug" and Lillian Stevens Raven.

Another familiar name

Condolences with the Pottle family on the passing of Gerry Pottle Jan. 4, son of the late Lawrence and Hester Pottle.

Looking for bait

Smelts, at Hooker's Bait, 1630 Bailey Road here in town. Open 24/7. Just ring the bell on the bait shop door. Happy fishing!

Weaver's Store in Waldo has bait as well. Time to go ice fishing, folks.

The CD in the mail

Yes, Raymond, I got the CD today. I will share it with the folks here.

Looking for old snowmobile pictures of our snowmobiling days with Roger Drew, Raymond Seamans, the Drews and Doughtys. Let DeeDee know. There is a colored pic of Ray and Raymie on the Frye Mountain Tower, with a beautiful sight in the background where you can see way off in the distance. I need a copy of that pic.

2019 Knox Historical Society

The calendars are still plentiful for this year. Only $10, and it helps our society out. Joyce Thompson has all kinds left to purchase. Thanks to those who have called me and ordered. Joyce has sent them, and most likely will be home if you stop by to get one.

Montville Historical Society

Have not heard how the work on the Frye Mountain CD is coming along. Heidi Perkins hopefully will get it completed very soon. People have been asking me.


Wishing a happy, happy birthday to grandson Gabriel Doughty on his 16th birthday Jan. 20! Hope your day is awesome, and miss you.

Until next week,

I hope everyone stays warm, and escapes the cold as much as possible. The temps have dropped down, and this is no fun at all to get out in. Dress warm.

Even though I dread the cold, I will not go to Florida at all. Not my idea of fun with all the snakes. Yikes.

Some folks have had the stomach bug, and other ailments, and hopefully you get better real soon.

Still looking for old pics for our future calendars. Also looking for photos for the Bicentennial Celebration, and historical items. Need soon. Myrna said info can be left at the Town Office, or contact her.

Keep warm!