The Planning Board approved its first medical marijuana manufacturing facility Jan. 9.

Paul McCarrier of Monroe already operates a store at 1 Mill Lane, at the corner of Mill Lane and Route 1, with marijuana-themed merchandise and a separate caregiver office. The city last month designated areas where medical marijuana manufacturing can take place, and McCarrier’s business falls within the allowed zone.

He told Planning Board members he hopes to make use of an existing commercial kitchen at his business, 1 Mill, to create CBD oil blends, capsules, tinctures and other products.

Using a solvent-less extraction method, McCarrier said he also intends to create rosin, which is concentrated cannabis, to meet existing demand for the product. Perhaps, he said, there might be decarboxylation — a method of refining marijuana — at the site as well.

McCarrier said he does not intend for his operation to be wholesale.

With city approval, McCarrier also needs to acquire a different type of resale license from the state as well as getting approval from the Department of Administrative and Financial Services, and the Department of Agriculture, he said. He hopes to do some baking onsite and said he will work with a contractor to install an exhaust fan for any odors neighbors might find overwhelming.

But, McCarrier noted, the smell of cannabis should be minimal because of the way it is processed before being incorporated into baked goods. McCarrier said he could do some of the more odorous processing elsewhere, or install a carbon filter, if it becomes a problem.

“We’re trying to be a good neighbor,” he said. “It’s the space that I have that works the best. … Using an underutilized space I already own.”

Consumption at 1 Mill is discouraged, McCarrier said, and there are no plans to offer a dine-in option.

City Planner Sadie Lloyd Mudge said feedback from neighbors of 1 Mill was mostly positive, aside from concerns about potential smells. She said there is no official way to measure odors, but noted the Planning Board could require, if complaints rise to staff level, that McCarrier work with the code enforcement officer to address the issue.

Unanimously, the Planning Board approved the permit amendment to allow medical marijuana manufacturing, with the stipulation that McCarrier work with the city's CEO to address any odor complaints.