The Lincolnville Fire Department quickly extinguished a fire that fully engulfed a large trash compactor truck Jan. 15, but it took more than an hour for a fire inside the compactor to be put out.

Firerefighters tried to access the compartment inside the truck where material was burning, according to Lincolnville Fire Chief Don Fulligton III. One firefighter on a ladder at the top of the truck was injured when a tool he was using to open a hatch popped off, and knocked him about 10 feet to the ground, he said. The firefighter was taken by ambulance to Waldo County General Hospital for a sprained wrist, Fullington said.

The fire at 344 Greenacre Road was dispatched by Knox County Communications around 11:30 a.m. Fullington said three fire trucks and a utility vehicle containing extrication equipment responded.

Firefighters quickly put out the blaze engulfing the truck, Fullington said. The heat of the fire caused the truck's front tires to explode and also caused the safety pressure vent on a propane tank on the truck to release. Firefighters eventually gained access to materials burning inside the trash compactor,  and put out the fire.

Lincolnville firefighters remained at the scene of the fire until 3 p.m.