I need to make a correction to part of the news that I passed on last week. The town of Jackson is not the one that is selling sand and salt; it is F. C. Works, so please forgive me for the oops.

Calling Brenda at the Town Office and giving her grief should stop. Social media can sometimes be our friend but can also end up hurting people’s feelings when they only thought they were being helpful.

Going forward I want the information that I put in this paper to come firsthand. There are many activities going on in town, but I can only put in what people send me or tell me that they would like passed on. I am not a journalist. I do not work for Village Soup. I am a resident of Jackson.

Yes, I grew up here, but I have not lived here for more than seven or eight months at a time since the ’80s. I want to be able to pass on activities and well wishes and even congratulations when they are due, but I need for people to reach out.

I am not Beverly. She is a great lady and knows almost everyone in town, and her having driven a school bus for so many years put her on the inside of so many lives. She is dearly missed in the role of Jackson News columnist.

Again, I want to make sure everyone has my contact info. My number is 722-3652. This is also my mother’s number, as my husband and I are now living with her, so if you call and I am not at home, my mother will take a message and I will call you back.

My email is ajsmall66@gmail.com and I check it all the time, but it would be helpful if you put Jackson News in the subject line.

I would like the chance to do this right. Thank you and again, sorry for the oops.