Students at Searsport District High School are preparing to take a big, brave step into icy waters at the Searsport boat landing Feb. 13.

Liz Villies, Jobs for Maine Graduates specialist at the high school, said students in grades nine through 12 have been organizing the event to raise money for Maine Children's Home for Little Wanderers' Coins for Camp program. The initiative helps underprivileged children throughout Maine attend a week-long summer camp.

"These are all of my JMG students, but we are offering (this opportunity) to all of the high school, the community and surrounding communities," Villies said in an email. "This is our first year, and I hope to see this become an annual event."

According to the Children's Home website, each year JMG chooses a philanthropic project to help students give back to the community. "We were very fortunate that they have chosen us to raise funds for our summer camp program!" the organization said on its site.

"As a nonprofit relying heavily on donor contributions, The Maine Children’s Home for Little Wanderers needs the support of businesses and individuals to raise the $250-$400 per child for us to give deserving children an opportunity they would otherwise not have," the organization said.

The plunge will take place Wednesday, Feb. 13, at the boat landing on Steamboat Drive from 2:45 to 4 p.m., with splash-off at around 3:45.

Students will have sponsor sheets available at the event and a donation box at the registration table. Community members wishing to take part or donate to this cause are encouraged to attend the event.

Villies said she will take the plunge herself if there are enough adults involved to help run the event.

Look up Searsport Polar Plunge on Facebook for more information or contact Liz Villies at