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All the media hype about cold weather in the Midwest makes me chuckle. Temperatures of 0 and even -20 are nothing special for us here in Maine. It’s winter, after all, and zero and sub-zero temperatures don’t raise an eyebrow here in the Pine Tree State.

Once, as a youth in Belmont, Maine, I saw the temperature at a chilly -37 below zero. It was early one winter morning and the air was still and calm. It really didn’t feel all that cold. I recall detecting the sulfur smell of what had to be a paper mill, although the nearest mill was in Bucksport. But perhaps this mill smell came from a mill even farther away. Perhaps a temperature inversion was the culprit.

Then, not that many years ago here in Waldo, I stood outside and viewed the thermometer at a solid -39 below zero. And again, the air was still and it didn’t feel terribly cold. That’s why people working in the woods often wear nothing more than a sweatshirt in winter. Their body heat, resulting from hard work, suffices to keep them warm.

As often as not, Aroostook County, Maine, shows the coldest temperatures in the nation. We frequently share lowest temperatures with Grand Falls, Minnesota. Sometimes Minnesota sees the lowest readings and sometimes Maine holds that dubious distinction. So for those from states south of the Maine border who are considering moving here, take heed. It gets downright cold here in Maine and the town of Waldo is no exception.

Perchin’ prediction

The signs tell me that good fishing is on tap for this week. So if you have the opportunity to get out on the ice, this ranks as a good time to do it.

Speaking of fishing, my new book about trolling for trophy coldwater game fish is scheduled for release this spring. I’ve worked hard this winter to put it together and for those who like to troll, there’s something here to please everyone.

Under the feeder

Nothing new in the bird department. But I should say that if you feed the birds, don’t stop now. Come spring, when natural foods become more widely available, it’s okay to quit feeding. But doing so now is akin to pulling a length of spaghetti from someone’s mouth while they are swallowing it.

Windows 10

I’m considering starting a new club. It would be called the “I Hate Windows 10 Club” and everyone could join. No initiation, no fees required. The only prerequisite for membership would be a deep loathing of Windows 10.

Group activities would include burning a faux computer in effigy, using mock-ups of computers loaded with Windows 10 as a target for .22 rifles and comparing horror stories about how this unfriendly program has negatively impacted our lives.

Weekly quote

“In February, if thou hearest thunder,

Thou shall see a summer wonder.” — Old English proverb