Students at Ames Elementary School headed outdoors for a Winter Carnival on Friday, wrapping up the final week of the WinterGames challenge.

Brianna Brennick, second-grade teacher and coordinator said, "I think it is so important to promote healthy learning… There is lots of laughs, warm-up stations inside. Even though it's pretty cold, we're making it work."

Belfast Area High School students were on hand manning several stations and helping make the day run smoothly.

Activities included snowshoeing with local Game Warden Sgt. Aaron Cross and making bird feeders with Brooke Reed, a nutritionist from Waldo County General Hospital.

There also were relay races, sled pull races, capture the flag, snowman building, find the pennies in the snow and more.

Each week was devoted to one of four different activities that make up the challenge, which includes physical activity, nutrition, family engagement and participation in a winter carnival. Top prizes are $5,000 for the gold medal, $2,500 for silver, and $1,500 for bronze.

The four-week nutrition and physical activity challenge, sponsored by WinterKids, will announce a winner the week of Feb. 11. Ames Elementary students are hoping the winter carnival will put them in first place.