Bed Race in May

Dear Downtown Neighbors:

As you may know, the Waldo County Search and Rescue Team is an all-volunteer team of men and women in and around Waldo County, who work under the auspices of the Maine Warden Service to help locate missing persons. We’ve called Belfast our home since our inception in 1985, but we train and travel all over the state.

As you may also know, in December the Belfast City Council approved our application to host The Great State of Maine Charity Bed Race on May 11 on High Street (9 a.m. to noon).

We were psyched to receive this approval, and our first order of the day was to walk around to all the downtown businesses, introduce ourselves, and let them know about the race. We wanted to make sure you were all the first to know, and wanted to get any concerns or questions addressed early. (Many of us are business owners ourselves and we get it!)

May we just say that we were blown away by the outpouring of support and enthusiasm for this event. Holy cow! We loved the sense of adventure and fun that followed us from shop to shop. Thank you all, so much.

To the shops and businesses we were unable to get to or leave notes for, please know that you weren’t intentionally excluded; please call Mary Hauprich, 314-9613, or Clayton Lancaster, 313-2279, with any questions. Waldo County Search and Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

We are still finalizing details (guidelines, entry fees, parking, etc.), so stay tuned for more information on that, but here is the general plan:

Waldo County Search and Rescue invites folks from all over the state to enter a bed in the race.

Teams will enter a bed, decorate it, throw some wheels and a rider on it, and race in heats to get the fastest time.

And, of course, the fastest bed wins the purse! There will also be a best designed/decorated/themed bed, and probably others.

The race will be open to businesses, nonprofits, clubs, teams, emergency responders and individuals racing for their favorite charity. Each bed team can solicit sponsorship for their bed, raising even more funds for their organization.

We think it’s a great way to celebrate Maine’s tradition of service, raise much-needed funds for many worthy organizations — and have loads of fun doing it. Judging by the reaction of the folks we talked to this past weekend, you think so, too!

Our search and rescue team’s Bed Race Committee is meeting regularly to solidify plans so we can get the word out. We’ll announce on our Facebook page and in The Republican Journal when we are ready to “go public.” But until then, a sincere thank you to all the good people of Belfast.

Waldo County Search and Rescue Team

4 Public Safety Way


Facts on fish farming

This semester, Belfast Senior College hosted a series on lectures on Maine aquaculture and specifically land-based salmon farming presented by the Maine Aquaculture Center at the University of Maine. Thanks to Ned Lightner, this series of lectures can be seen on VIMEO at the Belfast Community TV site.

Thanks to the Aquaculture Center for the excellent presentations and to Ned for filming and making them available.

David Greeley


Wonderful Winter Whoopla workers

We at the Belfast Area Chamber want to gush our thanks to all the wonderful people and organizations that helped with a fun 2019 Belfast Winter Whoopla this past weekend!  It took a lot of planning and a lot of execution to make so much happen all across the city.

Giant thanks to Norm Poirier at Belfast Parks & Rec for being there in every way. Tremendous thanks to Kristine Wentworth for making so much of the Whoopla happen — Ice Ball, Chili Cook-Off, Corn Hole Tournament, marketing, sponsorships.

Thanks to Bridget and Waterfall Arts for all your graphics and marketing, and the fun “snowflakathon.” Thanks to Lee and the team at Kids Unplugged for a cosmic Nerf Battle. Thanks to Amanda and the Waldo County YMCA team for also being involved in so many things, and leading on the Pancake Breakfast, plus the Chili and Corn Hole.

Really big thanks to Paul and Rob at United Farmers Market for their generous support and flexibility.

Thanks to so many businesses who sponsored, notably Front Street Shipyard, Damariscotta Bank & Trust, Bangor Savings Bank and Down East Credit Union, but also the Belfast Co-op and the Colonial for the free movies, and Smart DataMap Services for the cool online map. And thanks to Waldo CAP/Midcoast Public Transportation for the shuttle service.

More thanks to Cornerspring Montessori School, Little River Church, Game Loft, Coastal Mountains Land Trust, Journey to Health at Waldo County General Hospital and Belfast Bay Watershed Coalition for the fun indoor and outdoor activities! And thank you to Our Town Belfast, Maine Celtic Celebration, Bella Books and Bennett’s Gems for your support.

And of course, to Mike Hurley for the Christmas tree bonfire.

Something this big takes a village, and we had a great one making this happen for Belfast! We’re very lucky!

Steve Ryan

Sandy Patrick

Belfast Area Chamber of Commerce

Caveat emptor

Commander in Chief and CEO Donald Trump has been hired to dismantle the corporate U.S. government in bankruptcy; destruction is his strength. "The Donald" is an expert at deceiving. He has filed for bankruptcy at least four times, leaving his unpaid bills to taxpayers. He acts as a socialist and chicanerous capitalist. The Democrats appear to be in cahoots and the people get bamboozled. What an act. There are the "days of our destructive lives," an episode of "The Apprentice."

The purpose and intent of the "government shutdown" is to close the federal government, dismantle it, reduce it to rubble, dissolve the Union of States of America; and it is working. Corporate United States government workers will look for other employment, someplace they are valued, and paid regularly. Many will quit and will not be replaced. The immediate goal is to reduce the workforce by at least 25 percent. Company cannibalism at its best.

The continuing policy of "Donaldism," a dance with the devil, is likely to destroy much of the economy, devalue the currency, destroy international relations, and increase military warfare. War has always been used as a great distraction. Nothing up my sleeve!

Protect your valuables and diversify your assets. Don't get caught short. Be vigilant as "America the Beautiful" will likely remain as only a quaint song.

Caveat emptor. Ex dolo malo non oritur actio.

Patrick Quinn


Ragged Mountain Ski Patrol thanks

The Ragged Mountain Ski Patrol, a group of volunteer skiers who help keep the Camden Snow Bowl safe, fun and accessible, thanks the community and its businesses for helping to raise money for important patrol investments.

We especially are grateful to Robert Morgan of Flatbread Pizza for providing the venue, as well as Camden Snow Bowl Manager Beth Ward, Andrew Dailey and Brian Kelly at Sidecountry Sports, Sam Appleton at Waterfront Restaurant, Mark Senders at the Bagel Cafe, and Jeff Boggs at Maine Sport Outfitters for generously donating raffle items.

The Jan. 22 pizza dinner fundraiser raised more than $1,000, with the proceeds going toward paying National Ski Patrol dues, ski and binding checks, Lids for Kids (an effort to get helmets on the heads of young skiers) and other expenses.

The 43-member ski patrol is on duty at the Snow Bowl throughout the winter, helping skiers who suffer minor inconveniences, as well as major injuries. Patrollers assist and transport skiers, boarders, or whoever may be in distress from all ski trails on Ragged Mountain, in any conditions, back to the lodge.

Patrollers are also on duty throughout spring, summer and fall, when off-season events, such as outdoor running challenges and leaf-peeping chairlift rides, are underway at the Snow Bowl. And if the lifts ever stop running, the patrol is nearby to help passengers evacuate.

While the patrollers pick up the cost of their own training, and devote many hours to keeping their outdoor medical care and rescue skills honed, there is not a lot of money for other expenses.

Add to this time spent prepping for, and attending, Outdoor Emergency Care refresher courses and hosting refreshers for patrollers from other mountains, paying for CPR courses, and costs associated lift evacuation training — well, there’s a lot that the volunteer-driven Ragged Mountain Ski Patrol funds!

Thank you, Midcoast citizens, for contributing to our ongoing efforts. We hope to see you at Ragged Mountain, enjoying all that the beautiful outdoors in our community has to offer.

“You fall, we happily pick you up!”

Duncan Matlack

Ragged Mountain Ski Patrol Director


Thanks for support

The Waldo Community Boosters extend their appreciation to all who contributed to make our Rena Whitney Scholarship dinner a success by cooking and attending; and to BJ's Wholesale Club and Weaver's Roadside Variety.

The gathering was friendly and included regular attendees and some new faces as well. The food was delicious and the complete experience enjoyable.

The supper is an annual event that is held on the first Saturday in February. Have a great spring!

Waldo Community Boosters