It’s a slow time for news. In fact, there isn’t any. I do invite anyone from town to share events so they can be posted here. Also, birthdays, anniversaries and so on are always welcome.

I realize asking for input is like flogging a dead horse, but I still must ask. So consider yourselves asked.

Perchin’ prediction

I recently gave directions to my favorite crappie hole to a reader of my sporting columns. The guy had great luck and thanked me. Meanwhile, I’m swamped with deadlines and can’t take time for fishing, much to my chagrin. But better to have work than not have it, even though it does interfere with fishing.

This week, though, should see slow fishing anyway, at least that’s what all the signs tell me. Still, if you can get out on the ice, go for it. Today might just be the day, the day to catch a whopper.

Valentine’s Day

Thursday, Feb. 14 is St. Valentine’s Day. To all who have someone to share this romantic holiday with, I send my best wishes. As per myself, is it OK to say, “Humbug” on Valentine’s Day? Hopefully so, or else I’ve breached protocol.

As per non-holidays, this coming Monday government offices, schools, banks and others will be closed for the made-up holiday, “President’s Day.” Surely, we all can think of presidents whom we would just as soon forget, so for many, this day off means but little. I liked it better when we celebrated Washington’s birthday on his birthday and Lincoln’s birthday on his birthday. But anything for a three-day weekend for government workers.

Weekly quote

“The more laws, the less justice.” ― Cicero