The asylum

What common sense?

1. To make the roads safer? Dig rollover ditches. Paint out sections of the road. Put rumble strips down the center of the roads. Allow massive trucks on roads incapable of supporting them; the pot holes will cause people to drive slower.

2. To prevent drivers from being distracted by texting/talking? Put screens and internet abilities in all vehicles. Allow the car to brake, steer, turn on and off high beams, turn lights on and off and lock doors automatically. Drivers will now be able to enjoy their screen time without interference.

3. To deal with the drug overdose deaths? Open the borders, allowing more drugs and dealers into the country. Release so called nonviolent offenders. (Drug dealers, etc.) They only kill users.

4. To reduce the cost of our electricity? Encourage the government to take over a private company and to set the price for its purchase. After all, who knows better what to do with our money?

In conclusion (for now), the asylum is being run by those who should really be committed, fired, or jailed.

Leo Mazerall

Stockton Springs

Lack of transparency

In regard to Ethan Andrews' excellent Feb. 6 article, "State OKs Nordic's request for alternative review process," Attorney Kim Ervin Tucker is absolutely right: Transparency would indeed be served by Nordic making public the Gartley and Dorsky survey.

In the same article, Nordic attorney Joanna Tourangeau is quoted as saying Nordic "has and continues to prioritize a transparent and open application process."  If that's true, why won't Nordic release the survey? Is Nordic hiding something?  Does the survey in fact show that Nordic's proposed pipe route crosses the property of landowners who are opposed to the Nordic project and won't allow Nordic to cross their land?

Nordic seems to not grasp that here in Maine such application processes involve the public; hence the requirement for public information meetings.  Failure to publicly release the Gartley and Dorsky survey is thus a failure "to prioritize a transparent and open application process."  Nordic has repeatedly said it wants to be a good neighbor.  Fine, then release the survey.

Nordic's lack of transparency in failing to release the survey is in keeping with Nordic's, to put it kindly, lack of transparency on the company's website, where, more than four months after announcing the second shortening of its effluent discharge pipe — this time to one kilometer (.62 miles) — Nordic continues to say its effluent discharge pipe will be one mile "offshore."  But the pipe was never one mile "offshore," as that figure fails to count approximately 1,500 feet on land.

If this is Nordic's idea of transparency, the people of Belfast and Northport will face a rocky ride indeed if the Nordic project is approved and built.

Karen Saum


Not forgotten

As residents of Belfast and surrounding communities, most of you have crossed the bridge heading toward Searsport and noticed a concrete monument with the date “1921” carved into the base. You may have wondered what was the purpose of that monument.

This monument was dedicated Oct. 8, 1921, to the men and women who gave their lives during the “Great World War,” otherwise known as World War I. There was once a bronze plaque with the names below that was apparently stolen years ago, but never replaced by the local veterans' organizations.

Well, the time has come to fabricate a replacement to honor the fallen. Many of these names have families that have lived in Waldo County for generations and these brave men and women need to be properly honored and remembered with a new plaque. You will not be forgotten!

The following names were included on the plaque: Charles F. Arbuckle, S. Benjamin Berry, Freeman Black, Pearl Blood, Albian K. Bolan, Albert H. Bryant, Forest I. Catlin, Clyde H. Cilley, George E. Colby, Austin W. Collins, Ray D. Cousins, Clarence W. Curtis, Harold F. Damon, Walter S. Douglas, Oliver H. Downs, George V. Durham, Pearl Dutton, Chester A. Evans, Ralph Gilkey, L. Chesley Hatch, Frank D. Hazeltine, John P. Hoit, Robert E. Hooper, William C. Jackson, Hugh Kelley, Stanley E. Knowlton, Oscar E. Marden, Aubrey M. Meservey, Wilfred Mills, Arthur V. Otis, Carl S. Parkinson, Guy W. Plummer, Martin F. Randall, Myron Rich, Daniel G. Richards, Leroy H. Richards, George M. Roberts, Charles E. Rollerson, Ernest A. Ryan, Edward G. Sawyer, Joseph D. Shibles, Harold Smith, Bernard Staples, Charles A. Stephenson, Clifford L. Stevens, Luther Steves, Arnold E. Ward, Ralph Ward, Woodford Went, Ralph W. Wording and G. Malcolm Yeaton.

If interested in finding out more about the replacement, please contact me at the following email address:

Eric Schrader


Go see the show!

I loved MythWeavers Theatre Company's show at the Crosby. *Ask Me no Questions" — delightful! Mary Weaver and company again weave imagination and stagecraft into a show that is thoughtful, fun and visually riveting, with a wonderful array of children and costumes, dance and humor — truly a show to take you into another realm — and all without spoken language. The music is transcendent, the sets and the light hold it beautifully. Go see the show in its second and last weekend! You will be glad you did — and take the kids!

Meredith Bruskin