Hello to All,

The town meeting for the town of Knox is Saturday, March 9, at 10 a.m. Any registered voter in the town of Knox willing to work during elections, please contact the Town Office. Our town turned 200 years old on Feb. 12, 2019. A committee is working on a celebration to recognize this date sometime this summer.

February birthdays

Happy birthday to Karen Doughty, who celebrated on Feb. 16, from your grandchildren! Linny Doughty, Feb. 19! Sara Doughty, Feb. 20! Happy 18th birthday! Happy 89th birthday to Mary Doliber! I wish you many more.

Get well

Here's hoping that Nancy Bartlett and Sandra Edgecomb are well very soon. Take it easy, ladies.

Handcrafters’ Day

The Waldo County Extension Homemakers’ Council is sponsoring the Spring Handcrafters’ Day on Saturday, March 16, at the Waldo Community Center. Deadline to register is Wednesday, Feb. 27, for any of six workshops ― five are for quilting or sewing projects and one is an art project. For more information or to receive a flyer, call UMaine Cooperative Extension at 800-287-1426, stop in at 992 Waterville Road in Waldo or email them at

Opening soon

The Olde Mill Diner will be reopening on March 1. They will serve breakfast and lunch Thursday through Sunday, 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

In the Boston House now

Little toddler Chance, son of Jeremy and Lacey Cunningham, is in the Boston House in a suite and getting better. He was recently discharged from Boston Children's Hospital. He will be at the house for about two weeks, and attending the clinic twice a week. Hopefully he is getting his new immune system going well. He will have to stay away from people for quite some time as he gets better. I hope to hear he is back in Maine at home very soon. They have found a place to live once back here. Great news and good luck to all of you. They thank all for the help given to them.

Don't forget

The law "Move over and slow down" is so simple, but people don't heed this at times. Someone's life in on the line when they are assisting someone in need and people don't know enough to slow way down, or when safe to move their vehicle over when traveling. This is terrible. I have been hearing that people are going by the buses when the red lights are on. Unreal to hear. Wake up, people. There is no excuse for this, pay attention.

Beware those SCAMS

There are IRS scams that look like they are official, but aren't. Do not be sending any money for anything you didn't activate. Someone is trying to steal your hard-earned money away. If you get phone calls, just hang up. Period. If you get bored, you can always call me. If I don't answer, leave a message, and I will get back to you.

In Texas

My cousin Kenny Drew had a slight stroke I was told on Thursday and is in the hospital in Texas, where he and Katie live. He will be having therapy for speech, among other things, and I hope he recovers fully. He loves to sing and play guitar so hopefully he will be able to function and do this once again. He and Katie love the gospel music. Get better, Kenny!

Snow dumps on us again

The snow wasn't so bad, but the rain made it weigh a ton to shovel. Thanks to my sister Marilyn for helping me out. That's the worst part of winter.

Until next week,

This is short this week as I am tired and not up to writing more. The basketball tournaments are going on in Bangor and Augusta at this time. A crowd attended the second annual Riley's Wish Fishing Derby and outdoor fun on Saturday at Lake St. George. The kids had lots of fun.

Be safe, and stay warm. School is out for the winter vacation. Have fun, kids!