Greenhead Lobster Products LLC has announced that it expects to begin processing lobsters in June in its new facility, currently under construction in the Bucksport Heritage Business Park.

According to a press release, the 15,000-sqare-foot lobster processing facility will bring in live lobsters from Greenhead's parent company, Greenhead Lobster LLC in Stonington.

At the new plant, Greenhead Lobster will incorporate the latest high-pressure pasteurization (HPP) technology to humanely kill the lobsters and extend the shelf life of a variety of quality fresh and frozen lobster products.

Current construction timelines call for lobster production to begin at the new facility in early to mid-June, according to the press release. Once at full capacity, the company plans to employ 45 to 50 people in jobs ranging from full-time, year-round management to seasonal processors/laborers.

"Understanding the history of Bucksport, Greenhead Lobster is proud to be bringing jobs back to the community," a company spokesman said in the press release.

The spokesman indicated Greenhead Lobster Products will be hosting open discussions and job application events starting in late March or early April.

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