There are some critical issues in the current political environment that cry out for conservative comment. In fact, these issues raise points of view that are in black-and-white contrast. Indeed, I hesitate to use this description, lest I be called racist – even though my wife is a protected minority. Let’s examine four of these important issues.

Socialism. Not since the early 20th century, when Woodrow Wilson’s administration examined the concept, has socialism been a serious topic in American governance. In the last presidential election, Bernie Sanders was considered an oddball outlier in raising the socialist flag. Today, however, we have elected Democrats (some running for president) who openly proclaim the virtues of socialism, with its usurious tax rates of 70 percent and higher. The conservative view on this matter is threefold. First, socialism represents a basic attack on the free will of people to self-determine. Second, even these proposed confiscatory taxes cannot fund the massive costs of the left’s proposals of Medicare for all, free college and guaranteed wages. Third, taking away more than half of a person’s earned income is a blatant disincentive to work and perform at the highest levels.

Borders. A country (or almost any entity) is defined by a border or boundary. Civilizations have fought for the right to have defined territory. They may, as has the United States, welcome newcomers; however, they reserve the right to control who may or may not come in. Hence, the conservative view is that a border may be logically defined by a wall, albeit with portals or gates, to have control of who enters. It is certainly not “immoral” – indeed, conservatives might argue that the suggestion of Democratic luminary Beto O’Rourke to tear down existing border walls is truly immoral.

Green New Deal. This proposal by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., supported by at least three Democratic candidates for president, appears laughable on its face. It is a 10-year plan that calls for the 100 percent elimination of carbon fuels, retrofitting of every building in America, and a guaranteed income for all – even for those “unwilling to work.” Impossible, you say? Well, conservatives are taking this radical concept seriously, because the left certainly is – a recent Gallup poll showed that 57 percent of Democrats approve of this socialistic concept. An example of “retrofitting” in the real world reveals that this plan is mind-numbingly impossible. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the New York City Housing Authority recently changed just the lightbulbs and fixtures in 23 housing developments to LED status at a whopping cost of $33.2 million. Conservatives would opine that even those Democrats who define the GND as aspirational are so far out of touch with reality that they cannot be taken seriously.

Abortion. New developments in Virginia and New York have taken this matter to a new extreme. The old debate between “pro-choice” and “pro-life” now seems almost quaint when one contemplates that now in New York law an abortion can take place on the final day of pregnancy, and in Virginia a law has been proposed that would allow a newborn baby to be terminated after discussion with the mother and her doctors. Conservatives would argue that such a procedure is not an abortion. It is infanticide.

Are there stark differences in the above examples? You bet. Conservatives would argue that a government based upon these four foundational issues would transform the United States into a country that the framers of the Constitution could never have contemplated.