Swanville’s annual town meeting went without a hitch March 9, with minimal discussion and everything in the warrant approved.

“We finished in less than two hours,” First Selectman Cindy Boguen said. “They thanked us and gave us a round of applause.”

Fred Black, who gave up his seat on the Regional School Unit 71 Board of Directors to run for the Board of Selectmen, was elected third selectman, and townspeople chose Scott Cournoyer to succeed Black on the school board.

Voters followed the recommendations of their selectmen and the Budget Committee, and approved a flat budget with no increase in taxes year-over-year.

“We control 33 percent of the tax base,” Boguen said, while Waldo County and RSU 71 account for the rest. “We work very hard to keep our budget in line. People appreciate that.”

There was no big discussion on any of the 32 articles in the warrant, Boguen said, although a question came up about the transfer station and recycling. “In the past we had a glass crusher,” she explained. “It broke and we didn’t replace it. That’s because there’s no market now for glass.”

Taxes will be due Sept. 30, and interest on unpaid taxes after that date remains at 6 percent.

This year’s commitment to Waldo County is not yet available; last year’s commitment was $216,618.44. The town’s portion of the RSU 71 assessment also was not available.

Under compensation for municipal officers, a voter asked for an explanation about a change for the excise clerk. Last year, the clerk was paid 6 percent of the excise taxes collected; the compensation was changed to a flat salary of $16,500 this year.

Among the larger-ticket items in the warrant, voters approved:

  • $250,000 for capital road improvement ($164,758.66 to be raised plus $85,241.34 carryover).
  • $242,643.43 carryover with no additional funding for town roads (patching, ditching, mowing sides and general maintenance).
  • $220,000 to be allocated from excise taxes for snowplowing, sanding and the sand stockpile.
  • $105,150 to be raised for municipal officers’ salaries, plus $21,000 for the town’s contributions toward employee Social Security, Medicare, Workers Compensation and Unemployment Compensation.
  • $85,000 to be raised for the town’s administrative costs.
  • $30,000 to be raised to operate the transfer station.
  • $26,000 to be raised for fire protection, plus $11,362.87 carryover.
  • $15,000 to be raised for legal services.
  • $9,603.56 to be raised for the Ambulance Service, plus $1,296.12 carryover.
  • $15,000 to be re-appropriated to pave the Town Hall back parking lot and back access road.
  • $14,579 for social services and nonprofits, down from $15,534 approved last year principally because there was no request this year from Jackson Food Pantry. Voters approved $13,379 to be raised and $1,200 for Swan Lake Association to come from boat excise taxes.
  • $10,000 to be re-appropriated to purchase a storage shed and install a cement pad to house a new town generator obtained by Terry Sawyer, emergency management director.
  • $5,250 to be re-appropriated for removal of six large maple trees at Land of Rest Cemetery and $3,500 to be allocated from excise for mowing and general maintenance of town cemeteries.
  • $6,500 to be raised for the animal control officer, plus expenses and mileage, and $1,509 for the contract with P.A.W.S. to accept strays, to be allocated from the town’s share of dog licenses and late fees.
  • $6,400 to be re-appropriated for installing new flooring in the meeting/voting room of the Town Hall.

Townspeople agreed to set the 2020 annual town meeting for the second Saturday of March (March 14), at 10 a.m., with a storm date of March 21. A Candidates Night will be held during the regular selectmen’s meeting March 6, 2020, at 7 p.m.