Election results

Congratulations to Ron Price! He was voted in to serve three more years on the Board of Selectmen. Congratulations to Cindy Abbott for another one-year term as town clerk, tax collector and excise tax collector, and Erna Keller as treasurer for another one-year term.

Walter Whitcomb was the moderator and Mitchell Roofing got the Spirit of America Award.

Election was held on Friday, March 8, and 141 people voted. The Town Meeting was held on March 9 and only 47 people came out to vote! Why? Why didn’t those that voted attend the meeting? Why out of a total of 720 residents did only 47 people show up at the meeting?

I can certainly understand why there are people that had other obligations, and just were unable to attend, but what about those that just didn’t want to attend?

It is important to vote for your choice of whoever is on the ballot, but it also your duty to exercise the right to vote on the warrant at the town meeting. There were 34 articles to be voted on and only 47 people were there to do so if they chose to.

After the results of the votes on the warrant, those that didn’t vote or attend were unhappy with some of the results. The only ones to blame are those that didn’t attend the meeting and didn’t vote.

I really disliked hearing the negative comments that were made by some of the residents. Just to set things straight, it is because of you who didn’t attend, it’s because of you who didn’t vote, it’s because you are the only one that can make the change by attending the meeting, voicing your opinion and exercising your right because you have the privilege of casting a vote!

It was told to me that the same people attend the meeting every year and they are the ones that make the decisions for the entire town every year, so why bother?

Well for those that feel that way, attend the town meeting, voice your opinion and cast your vote, and maybe those that feel that way can make the change if they aren’t happy with the results.

I would like to take a poll for your reason why you weren’t in attendance. If you are interested in doing so, email me at and it will remain anonymous.

Stop the rumors, stop the gossip and agree to disagree!

Selectmen’s meeting

The Board of Selectmen will meet on Monday, March 25, at the Town Office starting at 6 p.m. The meetings are open to the public. By attending these meetings, you will hear and understand just what is going on in our community. Look forward to seeing you there.

Dirigo Grange 98

The Grange will meet on Thursday, March 21, at the Grange Hall starting at 6:30 p.m.

Full Moon and the first day of spring are Wednesday, March 20. Mud season has already started and yet we had snow today again!

Maine Maple Sunday

On Saturday, March 23, and Sunday, March 24, from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m., Beaver Hill Plantation will be open at 130 Sibley Road, South Freedom. Come and see how maple syrup is made, take a ride on a horse-drawn wagon, taste some delicious treats with maple syrup, and there will be syrup available for sale.

Voice of Freedom

I am so happy to report that Drew Fales is now walking with a cane and is doing well. He needs more therapy with his right hand and will be back home nearing the end of April. He is a fighter and will survive! Looking forward to your homecoming, Drew, and prayers continue. You have a wonderful family and friends who love you very much. God bless you!

So until next week, take care, stay warm, stay safe, and God bless!