Have you ever loved someone and not been able to tell them? Maybe they have passed on, or live in a different state. Or maybe they don’t speak the same language, or are even a different species. It's kind of like that with my kitty sibling. He's a black cat who was with my human before she adopted me. She told me the story of how she came to have him. She was out hiking in the woods on a cool October day with my great-grandfather, Sampson (a rescue German shepherd mix I never met), when they came across an empty cardboard box. It was very odd to see a box sitting there in the middle of the woods. And so, they stopped to investigate. Sampson sniffed all around, and his sniffing led them through some trees to underbrush and brambles. As they approached the area, my human heard a few faint meows. Yup, little meows. Sampson zeroed in on one bush and, sure enough, as they looked closer, there, hiding in the center, were four tiny black kittens. Wow, tiny kittens in the middle of the woods like that! How scary and sad! Someone had dumped them in the woods to fend for themselves.

Sampson was a good boy like me and didn't hurt them, but instead used his snout to keep them corralled in the area. Then my human scooped them up one by one, and put them back in the box. She carried them out of the woods with Sampson leading the way. She looked them over and marveled at how magnificent they were. Tiny babies with solid black fur, pink tongues and yellow eyes. She brought them to the vet to be checked. They were very scared, but healthy and oh, so sweet. She fell in love with them all and adopted one.

That was about 15 years ago, and he grew up into a big black cat, and his sweetness stayed strong. He's a great friend of mine, even though we’re so different! He's self-cleaning, which I’m not and don’t understand. I mean, I may lick my paws occasionally, but wash my whole body like that kitty? Never! He also doesn't bark, but meows instead. Why? Also, the biggest difference is when he wags his tail, he is not happy like me! Exactly the opposite; his tail-wagging means he's mad!

Anyway, he wasn't feeling well yesterday, and so my human brought him to the emergency vet clinic. She was scared and upset, and so was I. That kitty is a wise old soul and he and I cuddle together during the day when she's at work. We all were worried, since kitties can't tell you what is wrong, and my human said they hide it instinctively. My human left with him and when she came back, she said the vet couldn't find anything, but we had to watch him. I volunteered to take care of my buddy and so have been lying next to him all day. It's my job and I’m happy to do it.

And that brings me back to my original question about loving someone but not being able to tell them in words. That is how it is with my best friend the kitty. So, I let my actions speak for themselves. I cuddle, snooze with him, and lick his face. I also I don't eat his cat food, as much as I want to. I do those things to let him know I love him. I hope he does know, since I think that besides words, actions speak, too. Sometimes louder than words.

Lots of humans talk of love and all sorts of stuff, but their behavior is different. I like humans best when their words match their behavior. Then there is no confusion, and like me and my kitty, no matter how you differ, you will get along. But in the meantime, let's hope my kitty brother gets better. I am going to continue to show him all the love in my heart, since I cannot tell him in words. I think the world would be a better place if we showed the people we love just how much they mean to us through our actions. With love to you, Benny H.