On or about Wednesday, March 14, longtime resident and very active community member Cindy Ludden suffered a serious heart attack and as of the time of this post (March 17) was still in the ICU at Eastern Maine Medical in Bangor.

Anyone wishing to send a get well card can send it to 969 Moosehead Trail, Jackson, ME 04921, and Jeff will make sure she gets it. She is “bored out of her mind” she told me, and I am sure she might even enjoy a call or a visit once she is in a regular room.

She also wanted me to remind everyone that the Jackson Food Pantry is open the fourth Tuesday of every month; this month that falls on the 26th and it is open at 10 a.m.

Starting in May the summer hours switch to 9 a.m. One only needs a form of ID and that is all.