Hello All,

So nice to see the bright sunshine today, and the wind is helping to dry up the mud some. I have a tom turkey that continually keeps stalking my backyard. He is a sneaky one, as I have been trying to get a picture of him, as soon as he sees a shadow or any slight movement he is off on the run. Maybe he is looking for some corn to eat.

I also have a black cat, some white on its chest area. It seems to come and go, and from where I don't know. I just hope it is not after the birds.


Recent deaths in the county, Carol Fowler of Unity passed away at hospice recently. Thinking of her.

Julie Richardson Farrar, daughter of Bob Richardson, passed away Saturday morning at Sussman House in Rockport. Sympathy to her family.

Jane Hastings Brackett of Knox passed away March 1. She lived in Knox, although I hadn't heard of her. RIP.

Condolences to the family of John "Peter" Sargent who passed March 11.

Get well soon

My granddaughter Sara Doughty suffered a concussion from a soccer game last weekend. Getting wiped out from behind is not my way of thinking that this was good at all. Hope you feel better soon Sara, and Grammie loves you. We all do. Karma.

Our town meeting

I understand that Galen Larrabee was elected first selectman again. Bruce Grass was elected second selectman this year (as Luke resigned). Our roads still are in limbo still as the article written for the warrant needed to be adjusted correctly, or whatever. I imagine a special town meeting to correct this is in the future. Hopefully some of the work gets done.

The culverts need replacing nearby my place, and upwards. The water comes down the hill into my driveway. There is no ditching or culverts set correctly to fix this that I can figure out, or see. I have no answers, but hopefully someone will. It is a mess. Bear with me; I don't know the legal terms. You get the idea.

Belated birthday

Happy belated 73rd birthday on March 11 to my Vietnam buddy, Gary Bulger!

Bicentennial celebration

Vicki Kupferman and Myrna Raven are working on the booklet for the celebration coming in July. They would like pictures of old posted to the site Vicki set up at Knox, Maine photos (on Facebook). Thanks to those that are sharing with us, it is most appreciated. This is taking a lot of planning, and volunteers are needed. Check this out at the meetings weekly at the Town Office.


Congrats to the three new selectmen in Thorndike, Bob Nelson, first; Josh Ard, second; and Mike Mayer, third.

Just a phone call away

I decided to call Ruby Bryant Harris on Friday in Westbrook, and see how she was doing. She told me she has turned 100 years old on Sept. 6. I was surprised to hear this; I had forgotten her age. She graduated from Freedom Academy in 1936. She has macular degeneration now and it is very hard to see, and she does not write to folks anymore.

So I was glad to make her happy with my phone call. She is remarkable. The late Bob Couturier was her nephew, and how I met Ruby with old historical photos and information. She used to attend the Freedom Academy alumni reunion. Have a great day, Ruby, and I will mail you the cut-out news articles I write. I am blessed to know you.

St. Paddy's Day Breakfast

I attended the breakfast at Freedom Congregational Church today. It was delicious, and had my favorite biscuits, and sausage gravy too. Yummy. They wish to thank all who helped, and those supporting them this morning. The men were right on the ball and did a good job, cooking and serving.

Basket weaving

At Unity College March 30, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Learn to weave your own 17’’ pack basket. Course and materials fee: $100 ($80 for Unity College students). Preregistration requested (limited space) with Jes Steele: jsteele@unity.edu or bluewaterturtle@hotmail.com, 607-229-4204.

Ralph's Cafe

Coming slow, but is looking nice by the photos I saw. Good luck on your renovations, and back in business soon, we hope.

Coming up

Alan Orcutt has messaged he is at the M-Room March 22 and 23, 9 p.m. "No Warning" live music rocks the M-Room. He is looking for you to come and dance along to the band.


The Department of Maine American Legion Ladies Auxiliary was at the State Capitol in Augusta on March 15, supporting the 100-year Celebration of the American Legion. The American Legion Department of Maine unveiled the 100th Anniversary Plaque in the Hall of Flags at the State Capitol. The American Legion has been helping veterans and their families in Maine for over 100 years. The annual convention is June 7-9 in Bangor at Jeff's Catering.

A public announcement

Colby Robbins of the Waldo County Fire and EMS Alert North posted this announcement for the public to be aware of. The dirt roads around Waldo County are very messy, muddy. With this being said, many fire, EMS and police agencies will have a difficult time navigating through these roads. As of today, many services were advised that many of these roads were impassable. There will be a delay in response of fire, EMS and police on these roads. We will be responding as quick as we can, but the treacherous roads will cause delay.

Fourth District meeting

On Sunday, March 24, the ladies of the American Legion Auxiliary will meet in Oakland at Post 51 at 1 p.m. A spaghetti dinner will be served. Michelle Colby is our DDVP, and Robin Turek is secretary.

Think spring

March 20th is the first official day of spring! I am glad it is almost here.

Being sick is for the birds

I gave in, and called for an appointment to see the doctor at Maine Dartmouth. I got right in and got some meds for a cold, and bronchitis, which was getting better, but not fast enough for me after a week. I feel so much better already.

Get well to all those suffering from the flu and other ailments going around. Get well Cindy Ludden, who suffered a heart attack. Believe she is home now from EMMC.

Until next week

Enjoy this sunny weather, and the rain sure has lowered the snow pack down. But it brings forth our dreaded mud, as the ground thaws. Stay warm, stay safe. The wind is helping to dry the mud.

The Maple Sunday Weekend is upon us, as both Saturday the 23rd and Sunday the 24th we get to enjoy fresh maple syrup. Kinney's Sugarhouse is open 9-5 both days, as is Beaver Plantation, and the Simmons Family. Look on Facebook for specific offerings. Take care, all.