The middle school wrestling postseason is upon us, but a handful of young Midcoast mat athletes got the taste of other tournament action in recent days.

Ten area athletes trekked to Saint Anselm College to compete in the 13th annual Youth New England Wrestling Championship Tournament on Saturday and Sunday, March 9-10.

Camden-Rockport's Julian Henderson, Justin Batty, Reilly Turner-Watts, Landon Pease, Connor Pease and Michael Rollins, Troy Howard's Gabe Kelley and Levi Woods and Oceanside's Gavin and Madolin Ripley represented the Midcoast, as the area proved it possesses plenty of talent.

The tournament consisted of three brackets including "Middle School," "Intermediate" and "Novice." "Middle School" includes athletes in grades 7-8, "Novice" 5-6 and "Intermediate" athletes in elementary school.

Henderson (4th at 88 pounds in Middle School), Batty (4th at 91 in Novice) and Kelley (2nd at 143 in Middle School) brought home top-six finishes.

The top-six placed in the meet, compared to the top-four at a tournament in Maine.

Individuals qualified for the meet by placing in the top-three in each state's "state meet," or qualifier. Maine's youth season starts later, and runs later, than other New England states, which means Maine had a qualifier for the New England tournament on Sunday, Feb. 17.

The individual Midcoast results were:

88 pounds — Julian Henderson, CR, beat Josh Howard, TT, 14-0; lost to Elliot Humphries, FYW, 8-4; beat Musa Tamaradze, HC, 12-0; beat Aiden Williams, SB, 8-4; beat Zach Henault, TF, 4-0; beat Jesse DeFonce, EWA, 4-0; beat Elliot Humphries, FYW, 2-0; and lost to James Blood, SB, 8-2, in the consolation final. Henderson finished fourth.

91 pounds — Justin Batty beat Brayden Wilding, War, 2-0; beat Natalia Accorsi, Som, 9-0; beat Cael Wilderman, NC, 9-5; lost to David Perez, MQJW, 10-1; beat Tyler Peterson, EWA, 7-5; and lost to David Pento, SB, 8-0, in the consolation final. Batty finished fourth.

97 pounds — Michael Rollins, CR, received a first-round bye; beat Dom Robins, Winn, 8-0; lost to Avery Carl, Mid, 4-0; beat Colton Stevens, HA, 5-0; and lost to Korey Kemper, NEG, 4-0.

100 pounds — Madolin Ripley, Ocean, received a first-round bye; lost to Joseph Baker, Dan, 8-0; had a bye; and lost to Jordany Jimenez, BSP, 4-2.

103 pounds — Reilly Turner-Watts, CR, beat Finnegan Piuze, WY, 4-2; lost to Eric Coons, Dan, 10-8; and lost to Elan Keys, MT, 13-0.

Landon Pease, CR, won by forfeit over Logan Neishel, NP; lost to William Nicolls, SB, 3-2; beat Chris Levesque, OxH, 4-3; and lost to Elan Keys, MT, 8-4.

111 pounds — Connor Pease, CR, lost to Jack Rosenberger, NEG, 8-4; and lost to Connor Whitman, BGC, 6-0.

Gavin Ripley, Ocean, beat Seth Adams, SB, 7-2; beat Luke Callis, SYWC, 2-0; lost to Sidney Tildsley, 7-2; beat Jordany Jimenez, BSP, 2-0; and lost to Jack Arpey, EW, 2-0.

143 pounds — Gabe Kelley, TH, beat Dominic Bastianelli, Bill, 14-2; beat Aubrey Barbeau, FYW, 2-0; beat Mykal Reyes, BTSP, 2-0; and lost to Colby Isabelle, SB, 4-0, in the consolation final. Kelley finished fourth.

169 pounds — Levi Woods, TH, lost to Dominic Iaquinto, EWA, 4-0; and lost to Kaeleb Moley, SB, 7-0.

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