The Pine Tree Wrestling League middle school championship meet held a distinct Midcoast vibe in location and unmistakable presence of outstanding young area mat athletes among the top finishers.

Troy Howard of Belfast placed second behind champion Skowhegan, while Camden-Rockport's Michael Rollins — at 99 pounds — was the tourney's outstanding wrestler on Saturday, March 23 at Belfast Area High School.

Additionally, Camden-Rockport's Michael Rollins (99) and Julian Henderson (87), along with Troy Howard's Mike Ham (137), brought home league individual titles.

Oceanside's twin siblings Madolin (99) and Gavin Ripley (105), along with THMS' Gabe Kelley (145) and Kaden Bonin (117), earned seconds.

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Other area mat grapplers also grabbed top-four positions in the prestigious meet. Those included Appleton's Justin Batty (3rd at 93), THMS' Gavynn Young (3rd at 105) and Levin Woods (3rd at 170), CRMS' Zach Gilbert (4th at 93), Griffin Carnell (4th at 145) and Saxton Smith (4th at 195) and Oceanside's Aiden Sergent (4th at 137).

The league includes 24 teams, while independents also represented another seven schools.

The PTWL championship team scores were: Skowhegan 99, Troy Howard 86, Oxford Hills of South Paris 81, Dirigo of Dixfield 79, Camden-Rockport 74, Mattanawcook of Lincoln 73, Gardiner 62, Nokomis of Newport 56, Mount Ararat of Topsham 56, Bangor 55, Bucksport 52, Oceanside 42, Mountain Valley of Rumford 38, Erskine Academy of South China 35, Bath 35, Mount Blue of Farmington 33, Cony of Augusta 25, Lincoln Academy of Newcastle (independent) 20, Messolonskee of Oakland (independent) 19, Dedham (independent) 18, Appleton (independent) 12, Monmouth Academy 9, Lawrence of Fairfield (independent) 8, Phillip Sugg of Lisbon 4, Medomak of Waldoboro 3, Ashwood Waldorf of Rockport (independent) 2 and Mount View of Thorndike, Ellsworth and Winslow no score.

Team sportsmanship awards were given to Mountain Valley in the West region and Erskine Academy in the East.

The following area athletes finished among the top four at the regional nd qualified for the league championship meet:

Camden-Rockport — Julian Henderson, Michael Rollins, Dominic Roy, Zach Gilbert, Will Haslam, Griffin Carnell, Saxton Smith and Griffin Neal.

Oceanside — Madolin Ripley, Gavin Ripley, Aiden Sergent and Nate Fogarty.

Medomak — Kaden Wright.

Mount View — Jared Whitney and Cameron Rae.

Troy Howard — Kaden Bonin, Mike Ham, Levi Woods, Ryker Evans, Gavynn Young, Gabe Kelley, Rayon Kirby, Isaac Cummings and Jackson Lapierre,

Independents — Justin Batty of Appleton and Vincent Mainella of Ashwood.

The individual results for Midcoast wrestlers includes:

75 pounds — Griffin Neal, CR, lost by technical fall to Caiden Skidgell, Dir, 18-2; and was pinned by Isaac Lindsey-Strout, Bath, at 2:49.

81 pounds — Ryker Evans, TH, lost to Dean Bonzagni, Bath, 8-6, in overtime; won by major decision over Robbie Murray, Ban, 18-6; and lost to Eli Farias, Gard, 7-5.

87 pounds — Julian Henderson, CR, pinned Trevor Crosby, Dir, at 0:33; won by major decision over Colby Nadeau, Law, 13-0; and pinned Slade Meserve, OxH, at 4:06 in the championship final. Henderson finished first.

Isaac Cummings, TH, lost by major decision over Slade Meserve, OxH, 12-2; and pinned by Nick Rowe, MtB, at 4:10.

93 pounds — Justin Batty, App, beat Colton Carter, Law, 6-3; lost by major decision to Eli Lindus, Dir, 10-0; beat Grady Pease, EA, 2-0; and pinned Zach Gilbert, CR, at 0:30 in the consolation final. Batty finished third.

Zach Gilbert, CR, was pinned by Eli Lindus, Dir, at 4:09; beat Colton Carter, Law, 8-6; beat Kaiden Hewitt-Adams, MtB, 4-3; and was pinned by Justin Batty, App, at 0:30 in the consolation final. Gilbert finished fourth.

99 pounds — Michael Rollins, CR, beat Stephen Galkowski, MtB, 3-2; won by major decision over Jacob Cote, Nok, 9-0; and pinned Madolin Ripley, Ocean, at 3:39 in the championship final.

Madolin Ripley, Ocean, beat Gaige Martin, Law, 7-0; pinned Vicent Mainella, Ash, at 2:53; and was pinned by Michael Rollins, CR, at 3:39 in the championship final. Ripley finished second.

Vincent Mainella, Ash, beat Nate Baucom, MtA, 6-2; was pinned by Madolin Ripley, Ocean, at 2:53; and lost to Stephen Galkowski, MtB, 6-4.

105 pounds — Gavin Ripley, Ocean, pinned Tanner Bradeen, Dir, at 0:41; won by major decision over Ostin Hasenfus-Smith, Mon, 10-2; and was pinned by Aiden Clark, Skow, at 0:59 in the championship final. Ripley finished second.

Gavynn Young, TH, pinned Bryce Astkisson, OxH, at 1:27; lost by technical fall to Aiden Clark, Skow, 15-0; won by technical fall over Ayden Maguire, Buck, 15-0; and beat ostin Hasenfus-Smith, Mon, 7-2, in the consolation final. Young finished third.

111 pounds — Will Haslam, CR, was pinned by Rocco Hayden, OxH, at 0:57; won by technical fall over Connor Pease, App, 18-0; and was pinned by Kaiden Beasley, MtA, at 1:27.

Connor Pease, App, was pinned by Braeden Cummingham, Bath, at 1:50; and lost by technical fall to Will Haslam, CRMS, 18-0.

Nate Fogarty, Ocean, was pinned by Kaiden Beasley, MtA, at 2:07; and was pinned Cole Brann, Gard, at 2:52.

117 pounds — Kaden Bonin, TH, won by major decision over Jordan Swift, Con, 15-2; beat Owen Tripp, OxH, 6-2; and lost by major decision to Lucas Libby, Dir, 11-2, in the championship final. Bonin finished second.

Jared Whitney, MtV, was pinned by Lucas Libby, Dir, at 1:03; and was pinned by Mike Welch, Skow, at 0:43.

123 pounds — Dominic Roy, CR, was pinned by Dalton Howard, Skow, at 1:05; pinned Cameron Rae, MtV, at 1:10; and was pinned by Zander Wormwood, OxH, at 0:17.

Cameron Rae, MtV, was pinned by Shea Farrell, MtA, at 0:21; and was pinned by Dominic Roy, CR, at 1:10.

137 pounds — Mike Ham, TH, pinned Alton King, Bath, at 2:30; pinned Aiden Sergent, Ocean, at 0:32; and beat Jordyn Colorado, Matt, 11-4, in the championship final. Ham finished first.

Aiden Sergent, Ocean, pinned Carter Weed, OxH, at 2:45; was pinned by Mike Ham, TH, at 0:32; beat Brian Swift, Con, 1-0; and was pinned by Nate Tardiff, Nok, at 4:03 in the consolation final. Sergent finished fourth.

145 pounds — Gabe Kelley, TH, pinned Aiden Fleck, Con, at 2:41; pinned Drake Ahearn, Gard, at 1:15; and lost to Timber Parlin, EA, 8-6, in the championship final. Kelley finished second.

Griffin Carnell, CR, won by major decision over Bryson Howard, Skow, 14-5; lost by major decision to Timber Parlin, EA, 10-0; beat Aiden Fleck, Co, 14-9; and was pinned by Drake Ahearn, Gard, at 4:10 in the consolation final. Carnell finished fourth.

155 pounds — Kaden Wright, Med, was pinned by Troy Hachey, Mess, at 1:47; pinned Jackson Lapierre, TH, at 0:30; and was pinned by Dawson Mason, OxH, at 4:17.

Jackson Lapierre, TH, was pinned by Hunter McEwen, Skow, at 0:15; and was pinned by Kaden Wright, Med, at 0:30.

170 pounds — Levi Woods, TH, pinned Isaiah Bradeen, Dir, at 1:29; was pinned by Kaden Smalley, Skow, at 4:03; pinned Shane Cross, Nok, at 1:23; and pinned Robbie Leveillee, MountVal, at 2:59 in the consolation final. Woods finished third.

195 pounds — Saxton Smith, CR, pinned Aubrie Cobb, Bath, at 2:56; was pinned by Jaxon Gross, Buck, at 2:21; pinned Draylin Primero, Nok, at 2:40; and lost to Kobe Butters, Skow, 5-1, in the consolation final. Smith finished fourth.

240 pounds — Rayon Kirby, TH, was pinned by Andrew Wisecup, Dir, at 1:08; and was pinned by Calab Pratt, Skow, at 2:42.