Think about it

Liberals, frustrated that Paul LePage received 38 percent of the votes but was elected governor, made sure that would not happen again by passing ranked-choice voting in the liberal 1st District, ensuring that a Democrat would win the 2nd District congressional seat.

They have since turned their attention to the next presidential election. Noting that Mrs. Clinton received more votes than President Trump but lost, now they want to eliminate the Electoral College.

There is also talk of allowing kids 16 years of age to vote, knowing that many of them have been "brainwashed" by their liberal teachers to follow the party line.

Next, how about packing the Supreme Court? That is being considered also if they win the 2020 presidential election.

When the liberals control the legislative, judicial and executive branches of government, you have got yourself a one-party system. Very dangerous for America. Dictators can arise from the left as well as from the right. Think about it.

Richard F. Dinsmore


Nordic’s wool

What is amazing to me, having been to nearly all the meetings and hearings associated with Nordic Aquafarms that weren’t behind closed doors, is that they haven’t moved on to their California site.

At every public event in Belfast, the rooms were packed with people opposed to their project. If we had a functioning democracy, they would be long gone. I’m sickened that my tax payment funds massive amounts of staff time and legal expense, all to fight against its citizens.

When Nordic says “facts matter,” they are actually giving us their design goals. No systems of this size exist. Massive monocultures don’t exist in nature. That is why Nordic has pages of chemicals in its permit application.

At least they learned something from trying to locate their outflow into the loved Belfast Bay — one of the most significant and historically productive estuary systems on the Eastern Seaboard. Their California site is an old paper mill, not a beloved forest. The outflow pipe is already in place, not illegally crossing citizens’ littoral zones. And the site looks out at Japan, not across at Islesboro, to which over a hundred people swam last year for a fundraiser.

But it doesn’t seem Nordic learned transparency. The Humboldt Baykeeper said the lease agreement hadn’t been made public prior to a recent public hearing. Nordic claims to have begun discussions with “local authorities and stakeholder groups” but not the public.

This is the playbook of big box stores and large unpopular polluting industries. Nordic’s playbook is disaster capitalism — profiting from the collapse of marine ecology by further degrading it, and cornering the market with caged fish that never see the light of day.

Jim Merkel


Hateful rhetoric

This past weekend my family watched the movie "Operation Finale.” It was a sobering look at the efforts of the Israeli government to bring to justice the architect of the “Final Solution,” Adolf Eichmann, deeply involved in the murder of over 10 million people, among them 6 million Jews.

Eichmann, like many of his cowardly cohorts, escaped to Argentina after the German defeat during World War II. Those cowards took on aliases and Eichmann even went so far as to claim to be Jewish to avoid prosecution.

I found the movie extremely emotional. The information was not new to me, but seeing the evil that was perpetrated against the Jewish people and many other nationalities that opposed Hitler’s plans got me to think about the hateful rhetoric that has been used recently by an Islamic member of Congress.

It is hard to believe that this country, the freest country in the entire world, has people in positions of power who harbor the kind of hate that generated the Holocaust. Worse yet that the person in question is an immigrant who came from one of the most screwed up countries in the entire world, Somalia. And she has the audacity to tell us, her saviors, what is wrong with our country.

I have known anti-Semitic people in my lifetime and many of them came from Christian religions. It would be well if those people understood that all the Christian persuasions have their roots in Judaism. As hard as it is to believe, I have met good Catholics who were shocked to learn that Jesus “The Christ” was a good and practicing Jew.

Finally, I have to compliment Jan Dolcater for an outstanding column in last week’s Journal (Another View). If you have not read it, do so. You might learn something, have a change of heart and an informed vote.

Leo H. Mazerall Jr.

Stockton Springs

A very confused concept

Jan Dolcater's column equating criticism of Israel with hate speech (March 21) was a mess of illogic and self-righteous use of the term anti-Semitism. Using the Shoah as a way to silence criticism of a modern nation-state is beyond despicable and is disrespectful of the millions who died.

He appears to equate Israel with Jewishness and would apparently have no problem branding an Israeli peace activist — Miko Peled, the son of an Israeli general (informationclearinghouseinfo/article32739.htm) — as anti-Semitic. I would assume he would also have no problem branding the Jews at Jewish Voice for Peace as anti-Semitic, including the rabbis who are involved.

Hate speech seems to have become a very confused concept for Americans and other speakers of English. Hate speech is not criticizing governments or individuals, it is advocating for violence against people.

If readers are not aware of Israel's deep involvement in U.S. politics, a good place to start is Chris Hedges's column "Israel's Stranglehold on American Politics" ( Among other items, he points out that 24 state governments now require workers and contractors to sign a pro-Israel oath, which is blatantly unconstitutional. As he writes, this "is not an anti-Semitic trope. It is a fact."

Jan Dolcater needs to use facts when writing instead of appeals to emotionalism and hysteria. I would remind him that those appeals are used every day in this country to encourage actual hate speech and actual violence.

Susan Elizabeth Siens