Knox Town News


Hello, All,

Here another week has passed, seems like quickly. Have noticed the snow melting, and thinking of spring. Waiting on my dandelion greens that I love. Look out, Coumadin, I am eating my share.

It was a sad week to learn that our good friend, and neighbor, Clayton Larrabee has passed away. I know he was sick, liver disease, called fatty liver, etc., but was hoping he'd make it longer.

We must do the bicentennial celebration for our town in July, and need people to step up and help out. It takes people working together to make it work. Contact Vicki and Ken Kupferman to help. Others on the committee, too. Wish I had more info on this.


Our condolences to the family of Clayton Larrabee, 73, of town who passed on March 26. He will be missed by his many friends as well as family. He did a lot for the youth and built the Larrabee Field especially for the kids. He used to sit and look out his living room window and watch them play different sports there. He could see the horse rink and the kids that gathered there, too. It made him happy. Rest in peace, you are missed.

Thinking of Taylor Lane and Nevin Duclous on the loss of their baby girl, Octavia Duclous. Thinking of them and family. RIP, baby girl.


Happy 93rd birthday to Peggy Larrabee. Her family celebrated with her recently.

Happy birthday to Bo Mishou on March 17. Sorry, I forgot you!

A happy birthday on April 5 to Dotty Oxton Abbey. May you have a great day!

Store in Albion

The old Keay's Store in Albion is in the process of renovating, and getting ready to open by a young Dow couple. Congrats to them for getting it up and soon open. It will be nice.


The Spring Baby Fair on Saturday, April 6, 8:30 to 11 a.m. at Troy Howard School.

Friday evening, April 5, at Mount View High School, the Harlem Rockets vs. the RSU 3 AllStars team at 7 p.m. This is to help the MVE PTC for playground upgrades.

Benefit supper for Tony Brillard on Saturday, April 13, 5 to 6:30 p.m., live music following, and a raffle. At the Snowdusters’ Clubhouse.

Gifts of Gratitude: Comcast Care Days

Gifts of Gratitude is a program where items are sent to our troops in a box. Members of the American Legion Auxiliary will be collecting items, and donations for things for our deployed military troops. On May 4, at 1 p.m. at Brunswick Legion Post 20, folks will gather to box up goodies for our troops. Last year 61 boxes were mailed.

If you know of a service member who is deployed overseas, and who will be deployed after May 2019, please email me their name and military address so a box of goodies can be sent to them. Our Fourth District DDVP Michelle Colby works for Comcast, and so this was partnered to help out our troops.

Any donations may be sent to our Department of Maine American Legion Auxiliary, 5 Verti Drive, Suite B, Winslow, ME 04901, checks made out to (ALA Dept. of ME, earmarked Gifts of Gratitude). What a great way to help! If anyone shops, or volunteers to help, Comcast pays $13 for each volunteer; a form has to be filled out for this part. Let's help if we can.

Snack items, toiletry items, toothpaste, razors, wipes, body wash, greeting cards, note cards, games, travel size, playing cards, UNO, Yahtzee, Beanie Babies, etc. Don't forget our Ladies.

Department Testimonial

Will be held at Post 2, Augusta, on May 11 at 3 p.m.

Past Department president

Harriet Martell recently fell and is in rehab now. She lives in Texas. Anyone wanting to mail her a card, call me for her address. Was sorry to hear of her fall. I simply love this lady.

Until next time. Take care all, and stay warm. We have a lot of snow melting, and in many places I am sure mud. I am thankful I live on a paved road, not so much to worry about, but the driveway is a muddy mess.

Time to think fishing! Still time to get the fresh maple syrup. Hope everyone feels better soon that has been sick.