Hello All,

It is the same weekly saying, another week is gone. We have had snow, and it is mostly melted again. Seems to linger on. I need warm sunny days, and green grass. Too wet here to rake anyway. Always have our mud season. Waiting on the dandelion greens, sure sign for me it is really spring.

Wanted: pre-K students

Unity pre-K is accepting applications for its fall program for 3- and 4-year-olds. Call 338-3827 and ask for Lori to complete a Head Start application.

Story on Clayton

It was nice to read an article about Clayton Larrabee in the Republican Journal and  this week. A good story about him, and how he has given so much to our youth with the Larrabee Field, and more. He will surely be missed.

Birthday get-together

A happy 50th birthday to Michael Murch as he celebrated with family on March 31st. May you have many more.

Friday night at MVHS

The Harlem Rockets were at Mount View and the kids had a blast that evening. Way to go, as there were many there, I heard. The money raised goes to fix the playground for the kids. Another plus.


The coyote hunters have been out and about. Been hearing them, but no sightings here. Just the wildlife that roams my backyard, a lone tom turkey — and I'm happy he comes alone, a skunk that can leave anytime, a big ole fat coon, and a fox. Saw a hawk sitting up in the tree nearby, he was just casing the yard out I guess. Been lots of robins, and other birds. Love to see them come and go, a pair of cardinals here a lot.

Trikes arrived

I saw a pic of Mike Braley and four other guys. The Kora Drifters got their trikes. They were with their trikes, which will be in the parades. How nice.

Freedom Easter event

The Freedom Boosters and Rec will have an Easter party for the children on Sunday, April 14, at 2 p.m. Mr. Drew will be there with his animals, but when I found out he brings a snake, no thanks, I'll stay home. Ewww. I just cannot tolerate to even see one. It will be fun for the kids. A pic with the Easter Bunny. Games, and more.

Get well

A get well wish to Linda and Jerry Parker to be better. Get well wishes to Bobby Ferriera in Boston, also. Hope he soon gets out of rehab, and back home in Maine. Get better to little Chance Cunningham, who seems to be doing good from his cell transplant.

Saturday benefit

On Saturday, April 13, 5-6:30 p.m., a benefit spaghetti supper for Anthony Brillard at the Snowdusters’ Clubhouse in Unity. Live music follows, 6-9 p.m., by his sister Bridgette and Bob.


The kids’ grandfather Linwood Doughty will observe his birthday on April 16. Happy birthday!

Until next week,

Stay warm, and be safe out there. Keep thinking spring, it may stop snowing pretty soon I hope. Have a great week all.