Hello to All,

Here we go, better weather, it was nice to see the sun, and warmer temps. I hope all are over these bugs going around. Time for spring to keep getting better, no more snow.


Here's wishing a happy 50th anniversary to James and Shirley Carson Curtis! May you have many more.

A building gone

It sure looked different to see the old house, that I called the Delmont Clark place in Brooks village, gone, demolished as it was unrepairable at this point. It needed something done long ago, but it never happened. I hope it is replaced with a building at that big bare spot.

Open for the season

Ralph's Cafe is open now. Also Lori's Cafe is open since she is back from Florida. All kinds of renovations have happened at both places. Nice, give them a try. Ridgetop Restaurant has been closed, not sure if open now or not. She was inviting folks to come to Mammie's in Unity.

Old Yeaton Place

I see that the Spauldings, Clint, Christine and Christopher, have bought the Yeaton's Garage in Albion. It will be open April 15, and is now named Spaulding's Sales and Service. I wish them good luck. It will be good to see the old H L Keay's Store open again with the Dows, too.

Red Cross needs your blood

The Red Cross is requesting your blood donations. April is National Volunteer Month, so how about donating blood. Call them to line up an appointment at 1-800-733-2767. There will be blood drives at MVHS on Tuesday, April 30, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., and in Unity at Unity College on Friday, April 26, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. All blood types wanted. Give the Gift of Life!


And from what I am seeing we are going to get slammed with more taxes. People are dealing with tax time as the 15th is drawing nearer. I don't get it, all kinds of taxes being discussed. Taxing us out of our homes and our state. This is terribe if I must say so myself.

Belated birthday

A very happy birthday to Debbie Eldredge at Leisure Homes. May you have a great birthday month.

Another birthday

I want to wish my baby sister, Dawna Routhier, a very happy birthday on April 17! May you forever be young.

Until next week,

May you all find much happiness in the little things in life. I realized long ago, take each day as it comes, there is not much you can do about some things anyway. Don't stress the little things, and you'll be happier.

One time years ago my doctor said to me, Are you doing OK, and not worried about anything? I said, I am fine, I don't have time for a nervous breakdown, I am too busy. I was disgusted, for real, he even said that. Oh well, ’tis life. Guess I was just too sensitive at the time. Taking care of the boys, and always worrying about the other kids in the neighborhood, was a job. One I loved though.

I miss “Dino” a lot. We at least got his ashes home, and he will be buried next month with his mom. Thanks to all who donated to help us out, it is most appreciated, and a big thanks to Tanya for helping me.

Happy Easter to all! Thinking of my dandelion greens. Where is Bernie Thomas when you need him? He always made the rounds seeing how we all were doing.