Elias Joseph Menard, 9, passed peacefully to his eternal home in heaven on April 9, 2019, at home surrounded by his family. Elias was born June 13, 2009, in Belfast, a beautiful spring day, to Bryan and Kelsey Menard.

From an early age Elias developed a love for cars, trucks and tractors. By the age of 2 he could tell you the make of a vehicle just by looking at the emblem. He enjoyed spending time with his dad in the shop. He would help change oil and spent countless hours attaching chains and tow ropes to his toys and doing jack-ups with the engine crane.

His obsession with driving began at the age of 3 with his “power tractor.” His power tractor brought him many hours of fun and he developed an appreciation for his newfound freedom and independence. As he got older, his collection of things to drive expanded to include two dirt bikes, a go-kart and a special blue (his favorite color) four-wheeler he enjoyed during his last summer. It was evident that Elias was most content just being able to ride around the fields here at home and through his secret spots on the stone walls.

Elias loved to go on any adventure with his family, whether it be to haul trucks or equipment or riding along plowing on snow days (sometimes even running the controller). Driving and exploring in Acadia National Park was a favorite, as well as many trips including Fenway Park and to see the Statue of Liberty. Elias made the ascent to the top of Mt.Washington without fear. He walked among the giant sequoia trees and took in the breathtaking views of Yosemite Valley, but his favorite thing about California was the Golden Gate Bridge. He was always very agreeable and excited for what might lie ahead —he simply loved it all!

Elias especially cherished any special occasion or holiday. Birthday parties were, of course, a favorite, particularly his own and deciding on either a pizza party or a cookout and what his special cake would be. Every Fourth of July he could be found in the Brooks parade, whether riding in a fire truck, an antique car or on his dirt bike; he would always choose and looked forward to that day. Elias loved swimming, going to the “real golf course,” watching his favorite shows on TV, going for his favorite treats (Wasses hot dogs, Italian sodas from Bell the Cat, Chick-fil-A original — no pickles! — or Five Guys' grilled cheese) and just being with his family.

Shortly after his 7th birthday, Elias became a big brother to Drew. He was understandably concerned at first that the new baby would now get all the attention, and slightly disappointed because he wanted a sister. All that changed when Elias first laid eyes on Drew and he exclaimed, “I’m never giving this baby up!” He quickly bestowed upon him the nickname Drewy and developed a love for his brother that was very evident everyday. He would proudly boast about his baby brother to anyone and everyone.

Elias attended Morse Memorial Elementary in Brooks from kindergarten through third grade. He liked to read and found laughs in reading "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" and joke books; he was also an excellent speller. He, of course, looked forward to attending all the special events at school. At Morse, he made many special friends, memories, and was adored by all.

Elias was blessed with the kindest, sweetest soul and a gentle, sincere and pure heart. He had the most brilliant blue eyes, a beautiful smile and an unforgettable laugh. He would bring us “love rocks” that were specially selected by him from the driveway. He picked many flowers for his mom that were given with a kiss and never refused to hold a hand while riding in the car. He had no objections to lots of hugs, kisses and snuggles. He expressed his love for others by drawing many hearts and writing many I love yous — he was the most lovable little boy.

Elias is survived by his extended family and will be missed by all those who knew and loved him.

Burial and remembrance services will be announced at a later date. Arrangements are under the care of Riposta Funeral Home, Belfast. Memories and condolences may be shared with the family at ripostafh.com.