Winter may have passed, but its legacy lives on. My driveway developed a small sinkhole a few weeks ago and since then, the sinkhole has elongated so that now it is approximately 30 feet long. I never saw anything like this in my life. The worst of it is that the driveway is still too soft and muddy for a gravel truck to drive upon.

In fact, I need to get a fill-up on my propane tank, but given the state of the main road, plus my sinkhole-laden driveway, that, too, must remain on hold until things dry out.

Under the feeder

Migrating birds continue to arrive. Doves have come to my feeder, along with a pair of song sparrows. I realize that song sparrows do remain here all winter, but the ones at my place are new arrivals.

Also, phoebes are back. And the same battle between the phoebes and me has begun, with the birds trying to build their mud nest atop my outdoor light fixture and me trying to persuade them not to.

As usual, the phoebes will eventually give up the fight and build their nest in my tool shed. But despite the mess they make, phoebes do consume a great number of flying insects, and that’s a good thing.

Perchin’ prediction

As soon as water in streams returns to normal levels, trout fishing should heat up in a big way. Also, most lakes and ponds are now ice-free and that means it’s time to begin trolling streamer flies for salmon. It’s a good time of year for anglers and one I look forward to all winter.

Start piping

Here’s a good chance to pick up a high-quality set of Highland bagpipes at a very reasonable price. I have a set of David Naill pipes that I bought new in 1992. These come with a standard Polypenco chanter and I’ll even throw in a competition-grade wooden chanter, also by Naill.

Interested parties may contact me at 338-9746 or email me at The piping season is almost upon us, so here is a chance to get a very good set of pipes at a considerable discount.

Please note that while I’m selling my Highland pipes, I still play the Irish, Uilleann pipes as well as the English Northumbrian pipes. The only reason for selling the Highland  pipes is that I have ear problems and blowing on pipes exacerbates the condition. The other pipes I play are bellows-operated, so no blowing required.

Happy Easter

I hope everyone has an uplifting and joyful Easter. Besides its spiritual importance, Easter, along with Christmas and New Year’s Day, is the only holiday that hasn’t been artificially changed to Monday so that government workers can have a long weekend.

Weekly quote

“Dandelions…are one of the finest cooked vegetables I know.” — Euell Gibbons