Mount View High School administrators learned early Monday that a student made a "potential threat" of violence against the school.

A letter posted on the school's website later that day outlined the basic details and was signed by Principal Zackary Freeman, School Resource Officer Jordan Tozier and Assistant Superintendent Jean Skorapa.

The letter said the incident was investigated "swiftly" in collaboration with the Waldo County Sheriff's Office, which determined the threat was credible. A suspect was identified and charged in connection with the threat.

"The suspect was identified immediately, therefore a lockdown was not necessary," the letter read.

From the initial investigation, police and school administrators were able to determine the student communicated threats of violence via social media, police said. The student, a 15-year-old male, was charged with terrorizing, class D, according to a press release issued this morning by Waldo County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Jason Trundy.

On Tuesday, school administrators became aware of information being circulated on social media regarding the threat of violence investigated the day before. A second letter was posted on the school's website, this time signed by Superintendent Paul Austin.

According to that letter, "The Waldo County Sheriff's Office worked throughout the evening to investigate and determined that there was no new information, or new threat of violence."

The letter went on to say the Sheriff's Office did, however, increase its presence at the Mount View Complex as a precaution.

When reached by telephone this morning, Skorapa reiterated there is no new information and said because it is an ongoing investigation, no new information would be released.

Skorapa called the threat "unfortunate," adding, "but school safety is our priority."

Trundy said, "This situation was identified and resolved quickly and highlights the importance of the recent efforts undertaken by the Sheriff's Office and Mount View School administration team to promote the "See Something — Say Something" campaign."