How do you feel about seeing so many of the liberal persuasion becoming offended about many ridiculous issues, as well as elements of our history? It seems having an opposing viewpoint on issues is very difficult on these individuals to deal with. It must be due to the liberal combination of a supposedly virtuous outlook on life and an alleged high degree of intellect.

Remember, it was just a short time ago at Emory University in Atlanta when chalk signs of “Vote Trump” on sidewalks appeared to have some liberal students becoming dazed and severely troubled. It is terribly troubling to have to endure such trauma, isn’t it?

Just turned on the TV this evening and discovered a new way to become offended. In the liberal bastion of California, where a new type of racial insensitivity was on display, the Laguna Beach Police had the audacity of having painted American flags on their vehicles What a terrible display of racism. Does this offend you?

Another area that has created extensive tension and created what I consider to be an unnecessary element of apparent offensiveness is the removal of statues or monuments to individuals who participated in the Civil War. Robert E Lee is part of the history of our nation. Without question, this conflict was heartrending to all parts of the country. It was concluded in the proper manner, as Lincoln rightly and justly eliminated slavery. However, how will this be determined at Washington & Lee University, the Arlington House, or Lee Memorial overlooking the Arlington Cemetery? Lee was honored for his conciliatory efforts to heal the wounds of the passage of this tragic nightmare of war. Your thoughts?

Our country had the judgment to correct the ill of slavery, as well as many others. However, I contend that if you do not know where you have been, how do you really know where you are going? We should continue to eliminate issues of all types that divide us, as we are a very blessed mixture of people of race, religion and gender. Hopefully our elected officials will begin to work for the benefit of the people, rather than pointless investigations and rancor.

Just a few weeks ago, students at Hofstra University in New York desecrated the bronze statue of Thomas Jefferson and protested for its removal, as students were offended by its racism. I wonder how many of these "students" realized this individual wrote our Declaration of Independence. I cannot help but wonder what our Founding Fathers, who created this treasure of a nation, would think of such chaos that exists today.

Are you offended? I am plenty offended at the degree of discord and pettiness in the colleges and universities, with their lack of understanding of our heritage. It is equally disappointing in the political arena, with the constant name-calling of identity politics about being racist, sexist or homophobic. How about you, are you offended, too?