Hello All,

Another week and here we are again. What's with all the rain? I saw a little sun this week. Then more rain. I see New Beat Farm is getting their greenhouses all set, and busy. Seedlings growing. A busy spring time. Seedling sales at Villageside Farm in Freedom starting May 4, each Saturday, 8 a.m. to noon. All kinds of things are ready to go.

Supper at the church

Saturday, May 4, 4:30 to 6 p.m., Freedom Congregational starting their monthly suppers. This one is roast chicken with all the fixings. It is always delicious. Get your friends to come on out and eat.

Happy birthdays

Wishing a very happy birthday to my two sons, Kevin and Wayne, both on May 1. And grandson, Lil Kevin, on May 8! May you all have many more. Happy birthday to granddaughter Katie on May 14. Wishes from your families to you all.


Our sympathy to the family of Ginger Peabody Fairley who passed recently. Sympathy also to the family of Alan Curry who passed recently. May they rest in peace.

Our little racer

It will soon be time for the moto-racing adventures of Ryder Wren. Here's wishing him a happy 9th birthday! Go little No. 121! Good luck!

Annual meeting

The Knox Historical Society will meet on Wednesday, May 8, at Knox Town Office for the meeting at 6 p.m.

Meeting of FA-UF Alumni Committee

The first meeting is on Tuesday, May 7, at 1 p.m. at the Freedom Town Office annex. Lunchtime we will meet at the Ridgetop Diner at 11:30 a.m. before our meeting. This is our usual routine.

Change of times

So much for Columbus Day, it is now Indigenous Peoples’ Day after Gov. Janet Mills signed a bill into law on Friday.

Cleaning up the litter

Kudos to all who are helping clean up our roadsides around the county. So much trash gets tossed, what a shame. I saw the Boy Scouts recently cleaning up litter. I see some trash on my lawn, but it sure wasn't from me. Time to get out the rake and get the lawn fixed up if it ever stops raining long enough. Nice it doesn't get dark till around 8 o'clock. Waiting for the dandelions. Only trouble is, they come and go by so quick. Rain, enough already.


I checked it out, and J.A. Bakery is waiting on the state inspection to get open. I saw Carrie at her Peavey's Store. I didn't actually know Carrie till then, and she showed me the area he has, and it will be really nice. Hopefully he will be opening up soon. Yummy pastries, breads, and much more awaits us. I will post when he opens up. Was nice to meet Carrie. Facebook friends, but many folks I don't know personally though. She has done a good job with the store there, too. Stay tuned, folks.

Another holiday

Happy Mother's Day to all those that fill this position. May you enjoy the day. Another year has rolled around.

Until next time,

The rain is coming down and the wind blowing as I type this up. I have been staying close to home. It is nearly turkey hunting time. I see some around, and several deer, although I hear people have been seeing a lot in the fields, hunting for the green grass poking through the ground now. Starting to green up, as my dad would say. The night critters are out, a skunk, coon, and a fox that keep coming by. People are losing chickens, must be the fox. I hope everyone has a great week. Be safe, stay warm. If anyone has something to share, please either call me, or email it to me. Thanks.