Not much news right now except that, as with everyone everywhere, I’m itching for spring to arrive. Snow and ice still linger around my place and here it is May. Plants are slow to stick their heads above ground and even crocus have yet to bloom. But despite rain and cold, the wheels of time continue to turn and there are a few signs of spring such as green grass and maple flowers. Also, wood frogs are now croaking. It’ll be a while before spring peepers fill the night air with song, but at least we can listen to the duck-like calling of wood frogs.

Maple flowers? Yes, those red “buds” on maple trees are really flowers. Take some time and examine one closely and you’ll be surprised. But other than these few harbingers, spring seems so very far away.

I’m saddened to announce that there is a thief plundering properties on East Waldo Road. I’ve lost some tools and some neighbors have indicated that they, too, have lost items. It seems this person visits properties when the owners are gone. Sooner or later he will get caught, but until then I suggest that anyone on the road be wary and don’t leave any valuable items out until the situation is resolved. Interested parties can contact me for more information on this  problem.

Perchin’ prediction

As soon as high water from recent floods recedes, fishing in brooks and streams should heat up. Also, salmon are biting in local ponds and those trolling with streamer flies are doing well.

Road problems

Dirt roads in town have taken a beating and some sections are almost impassable. And until things dry out, there isn’t much the town can do about it. So for another while, we’ll have to continue driving at a crawl, picking our way around potholes and sinkholes.

The road situation makes me doubly glad that in renewing my lease from Dutch Chevrolet in Belfast, I decided upon an all-wheel drive, Chevy Trax. This little SUV goes practically anywhere and snow and mud are no match for it. Even better, it’s amazingly easy on gas.

Where’s Waldo?

Here’s a first. Last Saturday I put on a foraging workshop at Merryspring Nature Center in Camden. Speaking with participants at the end of the session, some people asked me where I came from. And when I said, “Waldo,” they all nodded. These folks all seemed to know where Waldo was and not a single person asked, “Where’s Waldo?”

Weekly quote

“There is nothing the government can give you that it hasn’t taken from you in the first place.” — Winston Churchill