Lindrith Eugene Davies of Jackson died April 9, 2019, after a 15-month battle with cancer. He leaves his wife, Lisa Cooley, and his children, Eli Morris and Francesca June. He is also survived by his father, Morris Davies of Georgetown, Md., and Austin, Texas; and sisters Cristina Davies of Albuquerque, Heather Davies Bernard of Austin and Jennifer Davies-Reazor of Newark, Del.; his mother, Janet Davies, died in 2018.

All his extended family and his friends are shocked and saddened by his loss. His intelligence, his humor, his wit and wisdom, his energy for work and play will be deeply missed by everyone who knew him.

A Quaker memorial service and celebration of Lindy’s life will take place Sunday, May 19, at 2 p.m., at Jackson Community Center.

Lindy was born Oct. 9, 1957, and grew up in Georgetown, Md. He grew up along the shores of his beloved Sassafras River. Lindy was ecstatic when eventually, Cristy, Jenny and Heather came along. He loved being a big brother.

He graduated from Kent County High in 1975 and went to Denison College in Ohio. After college, Lindy worked in the family auto parts business for a few years. He took the opportunity to work for a tree surgery crew in the mid-80s where he met Mike Curtis, a tree surgeon and advocate of the economic ideas of Henry George. This encounter grew into a friendship that changed his direction and his life. After a catastrophic fall from a tree in 1986, he quit the tree crew and returned to school for a master's in education.

When George Collins, director of the Philadelphia Henry George School took the position of director of the New York school, Lindy went with him as assistant director.

In 1994 he met Lisa Cooley, the love of his life. They married at Brooklyn Friends in March of 1995 and were happy for the 25 years they were together.

The family moved to Maine when Eli was born in 1997. Francie came along in 2000. Lindy was constantly amazed and delighted by his children, and was the definitive “hands-on” Dad.

The Henry George Institute, a nonprofit that was in Lindy’s care since the death of its founder, Bob Clancy, in 1994, moved to Maine with the family and Lindy spent the next 22 years building it as an educational organization committed to teaching political economy to “regular people.” He built his family a house, managed the Institute, and cared for Lisa and his kids. He produced the quarterly Georgist Journal, administered the worldwide correspondence lessons, created online courses, and maintained multiple websites dedicated to Henry George. He became involved in studying the property tax policies of New York City and spent countless hours poring over its assessment database.

About 6 years ago he started work on a novel, which he finished 2 years later. "The Sassafras Crossing" is available on Amazon!

Lindy was constantly doing, and his life was cut short when he had so much left to do.

In his last months, Lindy’s only desire, besides seeing Lisa and the kids well cared-for, was seeing that the Institute would survive him. There is now a team of dedicated friends and Georgists working on carrying this work forward. Anyone who would like to see that Lindy’s life’s work continues can send donations to the Henry George Institute, 238 Hadley Mill Road, Jackson, ME 04921.