Benny H. here — I really need to talk to you humans about all your “stuff.” But first, I have a bit of background to share.

Yesterday afternoon my human started to do some cleaning. She pulled a dusty box from a shelf in the basement, opened it and we peered inside. It turned out to contain old photos and letters. She started to go through them and then, whammo! All of a sudden, she started to cry and cry and be super upset! Gosh darn it! How did that happen and how could I possibly have known? I mean, the photos were old. And so why did she keep them? Especially if seeing them was going to make her cry. It makes no sense to me. Can she go back in time and relive those days? Will the photos and the upset bring back her late friends or family? No, I don’t think so. Which brings me to my point. Why do you humans keep all that stuff?

The way that I see it is that the past stuff muddies up your present, since it robs time and experience from the present, from the “now.” Whether the past was good or bad is irrelevant – since it has “passed.” It can do a human absolutely no good, nor add any value to life in the present moment. And, as my human was crying over the photos of a person no longer living – she was throwing away valuable time. Time taken from the people and dogs that were still living! That time she spent on the past could have been spent petting my head, telling me she loved me and taking me for a walk!

I have very few possessions and I like it that way. I have my dog collar, which is important for walks, I have my special toy (a squeaky giraffe), my bed, and my precious food and water bowls. That’s it! Now I know that you humans need a lot more (for example, bathroom and shower (ugh) stuff and warm clothes) – but you don’t need that much more.

All of the extra stuff just keeps you stuck, and it’s hard to wag your tail and be happy when you are stuck. Since I was a stray puppy before I was adopted, I don’t have pictures of where I was born or of my siblings or where I lived for the first four months of my life. And guess what … I am just fine without them! My family and my life is right now and right here with my human. It’s all in the present moment.  And besides, I always carry in my heart what is most important to me in the whole world, and that’s the love for my human.

I know that she loves me with all her heart, too, but she still gets tangled up in the past and so then my job is to comfort her. So that day with the photos, I went over to her and licked her face, and stuck my head right in between her and that box of memories. She was then forced to look me squarely in the face and deep into my eyes. I was so deliberate that my actions told her in no uncertain terms “I am here, and you are here and that is very good. That is what matters most.”

She seemed to understand in full, since she looked up at me, hugged me and put the photos into the garbage. She smiled and laughed and said “Benny – once again you are so wise. The past is over, and the present is here, now and joyous!  It’s all that really matters. Come on, my dear boy, let’s go for a walk!”

And on that note, Benny H. here sending love out to you right now at this very moment!