There was little wind and the water mostly calm, but that did not stop more than 60 young sailors from having a blast — make that a "Breakwater Blast" — in the annual high school regatta hosted by The Apprenticeshop on Sunday, May 5 in Rockland Harbor.

Islesboro Central School finished first.

"It was as sure a sign of spring as anything else in Rockland … the birds chirping, foliage leafing out, bees buzzing and the loud blasts of the start sequence blaring out from Peter Clapp’s race committee boat as 24 high school sailors jockey for position at the starting line. With nine teams in total and over 60 registered sailors it was certainly a celebration of spring and the arrival of sailing season," said Nate Hathaway, sailing director at The Apprenticeshop

Ken Pride, who volunteers for The Apprenticeshop sailing events, said "it's great fun to be around teenagers who are focused on sailing and to be out on the water of Rockland Harbor."

Hathaway added, "Was there much wind? No. Was it a beautiful sunny day, incident and protest free, and full of teens from across the state having a good time? Emphatically Yes."

The Apprenticeshop has hosted the "Breakwater Blast" as a free regatta inclined towards junior varsity and less experienced sailors since 2011 and has been part of the Pen Bay League of high school racing since it’s inception in 2016 and the coaches, volunteers and staff of various organizations have been able to keep up the momentum since.

Sailors from Islesboro, Boothbay Region, Cheverus of Portland, Rockland, Camden Hills, Portland, Mount Desert Island, George Stevens Academy of Blue Hill and Stockton Harbor took turns swapping in and out of boats from The Apprenticeshop Community Sailing fleet to accommodate the large turnout.

Parents, coaches and volunteers were able to watch from the floats moored offshore and Apprenticeshop staff were on hand to shuttle back and forth for food and bathroom breaks. At the end of the event participants gathered in the shop for a spread of volunteer and shop-provided food, handily dispatched by the hungry teens, Hathaway said.

The event was raced as a fleet, wherein each school had “A” and “B” boats based on experience. The scoring was similar to golf where the better one places the fewer points one has at the end. On the podium at the end of the day stood Islesboro in first, Boothbay second and Cheverus third.

The Apprenticeshop has been a school for traditional boatbuilding and seamanship since 1972 and is proud to host Camden Hills, Islesboro and Rockland high school sailors for practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays for eight weeks from April-May and August-October, some schools provide funding to participants.

There also is financial aid available from Apprenticeshop "as we try to ‘Leave No Child on the Dock’, and summer classes for youth and adults are the perfect way to get started in the sport," Hathaway said.

Hathaway said The Apprenticeshop also recognizes volunteers Clapp, Ken Pride, Sean Guinness and Mike Horn (Isleboro coach) "for their outstanding work as volunteers with the high school sailing program."

For more information or to volunteer, call 594-1800 or email

The individual results for the schools and boats, with places listed for each race, were: Islesboro A 1 3 1 2 for 7 and Islesboro B 1 1 1 2 for 5 and 12 total points; Boothbay Region 1 A 4 1 5 1 for 11 and Boothbay Region B 6 3 3 1 for 13 and 24 total points; Cheverus A 2 2 2 4 for 10 and Cheverus B 2 6 4 3 for 15 and 25 total points; Rockland A 3 4 3 3 for 13 and Rockland B 7 7 2 9 for 25 and 38 total points; Camden Hills A 6 9 8 8 for  31 and Camden Hills B 3 2 6 4 for 15 and 46 total points; Portland A 8 6 4 6 for 24 and Portland B 9 9 7 5 for 30 and 54 total points; Mount Desert Island 1  A 7 5 7 5 for 24 and Mount Desert Island B 4 11 12 10 for 37 and 61 total points; Mount Desert Island 2 A 9 8 9 10 for 36 and Mount Desert Island B 10 5 9 6 for 30 and 66 total points; Boothbay Region 2 A 5 10 6 9 for 30 and Boothbay Region B 12 8 10 12 for 42 and 72 total points; George Stevens 1 A 10 7 for 10 7  34 and George Stevens Academy B 11 12 11 7 for 41 and 75 total points; Stockton Harbor A 11 11 11 11 for 44 and Stockton Harbor B 8 10 8 8 for 34 and 78 total points; and George Stevens Academy 2 A did not sail and George Stevens Academy B 5 4 5 11 and 25.

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